Billy Graham

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United States evangelical preacher famous as a mass evangelist (born in 1918)

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E-mails from Graham's former associate minister and brother-in-law, Leighton Ford, February 4, 2009, and from John Akers, special assistant to Billy Graham, February 5, 2009.
Considered one of the greatest soul-winning evangelists of the last one hundred years, Billy Graham preached on nearly every continent over nearly seven decades, and his crusades, broadcast live from stadiums and arenas all over the world, drew millions to faith in Jesus Christ.
On his birthday, his ministry is scheduled to release a new video of Billy Graham from his home as part of a nationwide religious outreach called ''My Hope.
Cliff Barrows, longtime music director for Billy Graham Crusades, who also featured heavily at Villa Park during Mission England, offered memories from decades of ministry served alongside George Beverly Shea.
The author investigates such figures as Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Chuck Colson, Sarah Palin, and others to uncover the failings of evangelicals in conservative politics.
Chairman of the Board of Charlotte (North Carolina) headquartered Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), is said to have written 27 books, counseled 12 American presidents, and his lifetime audience topped 2.
Hahn, who supports a petition drive to put the matter before voters next year, said she spoke at the Rose Bowl during the recent Billy Graham Crusade about her fight to preserve the seal commission by her father, longtime Supervisor Kenneth Hahn.
I want to see at least one child in every public school in America who is trained as a witness for Jesus Christ," Graham, the fiery son of the famous preacher Billy Graham, told a national meeting of Southern Baptists recently.
There was a direct relationship between King and the famous revival leader who was his contemporary, Billy Graham.
Born four days before the WW1 armistice, Billy Graham was raised on a dairy farm in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Prominent American evangelist Billy Graham has apologized for remarks he made 30 years ago in which he said American Jews had a "stranglehold" on the U.
White's father, Mel, is a best-selling scribe who once worked as a ghostwriter for Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, and Jerry Falwell--before coming out and forming the gay religious activist group Soulforce.
But as CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), Franklin now is embracing the mantle of leadership of world Christian evangelicalism with conviction.
Louis Post-Dispatch's treatment of the recent Billy Graham Crusade.
CKS was hired by the Billy Graham Association to do the advertising for the Graham Crusades almost two years ago.