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a batter who bunts

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Up until that memorable day, the Gem, appearing first in 1907, and the Magnet, home of Billy Bunter, had pretty much dominated the market for Adventure's age group.
In this case the only TV series made found the perfect actor Gerard Campion, who had Billy Bunter off to perfection.
FAME: Gerald Campion in later life; YAROO: Playing Billy Bunter, Campion tucks into another delicious bit of cake
Another sign that the guys at college underestimated this Billy Bunter figure.
Billy Bunter Book pounds 10 (charity shop), same book in collectors' shop pounds 5.
LAST NIGHT CONE ZONE ITV Mention kiddies' TV and my thoughts turn to good told Billy Bunter and his battle cry of "Yaroo you rotters
Like a post-graduate Billy Bunter on a ciderdrinking spree, he let rip on life's injustices.
Oftel put BT in charge of overseeing the operation - rather like putting Billy Bunter in charge of the tuck shop.
He should walk down Rutherglen Main Street and he'll more likely see the future Billy Bunter than Billy Bremner.
Under what name did author Charles Hamilton write his Billy Bunter stories?
1876: Frank Richards, author and creator of fat schoolboy Billy Bunter, was born in London as Charles Hamilton.
It's the first time I've seen the name since reading Billy Bunter.
On a good day a young Terence Stamp or Rupert Friend, on a bad day Billy Bunter (as opposed to Billy Butler).
A Dennis the Menace B Billy Bunter C Jennings D William Brown QUESTION 10 - for 10 points: Which Spanish holiday area is served by Malaga airport?
WHEN I was a boy, I used to enjoy reading Billy Bunter stories.