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surgical removal of all or part of the stomach

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The patient had also had a Billroth 2 gastrectomy on a previous admission.
6 (20-52) Clinical T stage 1b/c 16 (80) 2 4 (20) 3a -- Previous surgery Billroth II 1 Laparotomy 1 Cystolithotomy 1 Inguinal herniorrhaphy 1 Appendectomy 1 Group 2 (n = 20) p Age (years) 62.
In addition to the expression summarized in Table 2, rare to occasional weak staining of macrophages was observed within small vessels (usually lymphatics) in multiple tissues including colon, lung, tonsil, pancreas, red pulp/cords of Billroth in spleen, adjacent to epithelium in thymus, and sinusoids in lymph node.
94, which Brahms's friend Theodor Billroth referred to as an "autumn or winter's journey.
The 16 illustrated chapters trace milestones in GI surgery and showcase its pioneers from Theodor Billroth, considered the father of such surgery, to those who brought us laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery and continent ileostomy.
Multiple primary malignant neoplasms (MPMN) in a single patient have been documented in the literature over the past hundred years, and they were first described by Billroth in 1889.
Predisposing conditions include atrophic gastritis, pernicious anemia, gastric polyps, partial gastrectomy (such as Billroth II), and Menetrier's disease.
He retells well the notorious affair surrounding the Viennese physician Theodor Billroth, who though later fighting anti-semitism, published a book arguing that Jews were not racially fit to be doctors.
The types of surgery were Billroth I and II gastrectomies and combination vagotomy and pyloroplasty.
partial gastric resection with Billroth II anastomosis, obstructive jaundice) or to malabsorption of the released fluorescein (e.
Contract awarded for Supply Agreement sphincterotome Billroth for HDS.