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a very rich person whose material wealth is valued at more than a billion dollars

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The American billionare used yesterday's press briefing at the refurbished Holte Hotel to reveal details of a study to ascertain where improvements can be made to a stadium already viewed as one of the top halfdozen in the Premier League.
Billionare Mike Ashley is determined to establish Newcastle United as a Premiership powerhouse ( aiming to make the club the biggest and best in top-flight football.
Since 2004, Whittaker has seen his wealth more than double from pounds 640m to become a billionare for the first time this year with total assets valued at pounds 1,300m.
and a joint venture between the German newspaper group Axel Springer and the billionare entertainment executive Haim Saban.
The First Division leaders, whose rise from the lower reaches of the Nationwide League has been financed by billionare Mohamed al-Fayed, will take their place in the top flight next season for the first time since 1968.
Sunday Mirror Sport understand that there is likely to be rises of 10 per cent or more - even though Old Trafford's capacity will be increased to 76,000 by the start of next season - as American billionare Glazer looks to raise cash to service the pounds 500m debts he took out to buy the club last summer.
And the billionare Blues have only one fewer player dismissed in the Premiership this season than bad boys Blackburn - the team dubbed 'Blackeye Rovers'.