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United States computer entrepreneur whose software company made him the youngest multi-billionaire in the history of the United States (born in 1955)

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This acknowledgement of our work by Bill Gates recognises the significant progress made towards achieving our aim.
Note that Shanghai's new history textbooks include information on wealthy Americans like Bill Gates (worth some $50 billion) and the late banker J.
Rockefeller did that Bill Gates hasn't done is use dynamite against his competitors," Government lawyers sniffed that this crusader "needs help," However, as Heilemann notes, "History might well have judged Reback a marginal figure, just another Gates-hating ranter, were it not for one inconvenient fact: Almost everything he claimed turned out to be true.
That's why, the author says, it's impossible to compare Microsoft to Standard Oil and Bill Gates to John D.
com, historian and San Diego University professor Theodore Kornweibel compared Bill Gates to Casey ones.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- While Bill Gates gives a keynote address at the Streaming Media West 99 conference this Tuesday in San Jose, an American Life League affiliate, California Right to Life (CRL), will be distributing literature to help conference attendees understand that Gates' charitable foundation funds population elimination in developing countries through abortion and sterilization.
I recently heard that Microsoft's Bill Gates had made a $2 billion contribution to a family foundation that specializes in population.
Feature writer ALISON McCONKEY discovers that Coventry has got its very own Bill Gates
Convenience as the goal of 20th-century bourgeois life is one of the director's favorite themes, and it would be easy to imagine that Gilliam invented Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft and author of the blandest book ever written about the human future, The Road Ahead.
MICROSOFT chairman Bill Gates on how many copies of Windows 95 he expects to sell: "We don't make forecasts--that's not the business we're in.
LAS VEGAS -- Product launches and a major industry keynote by Microsoft's Bill Gates electrified attendees on the eve of the 2007 International CES.
DAVOS, JAN 24 (KUNA) -- There is optimism for a sustainable future, where poverty is eradicated, disease eliminated and everyone has access to nutritious food and the opportunities presented by education, this message of hope was delivered by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, Co-Chairs, Bill AND Melinda Gates Foundation, USA.
Bill Gates continued interest and support for Polio eradication in Pakistan.
He noted that Bill Gates managed, in so-doing, to register his name alongside with immortal icons from various cultures who contributed to the well-being of humanity throughout history such as Pethagorth, Ali ibn Al-?