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United States showman famous for his Wild West Show (1846-1917)

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Like David Heaton, I also have a link to Buffalo Bill Cody.
Visiting legends, from left, Buffalo Bill Cody, Lily Langtree and Harry Houdini
It's a withering village of 154 today, while Cody, Wyoming, located near the entrance to Yellowstone National Park and named for its founder, Buffalo Bill Cody, is a bustling hive for tourists.
BORN ROD Stewart, rock singer, 1945, above GEORGE Foreman, US boxer, 1949 RASPUTIN, religious leader, 1869 DIED COCO Chanel, fashion designer, 1971, BUFFALO Bill Cody, folk hero, 1917, above HOWLIN' Wolf, blues guitarist, 1976
Buffalo Bill Cody brought his Wild West Show to Britain three times.
In memory of Bill Cody is the town's recently expanded, state-of-the art Buffalo Bill Historical Centre, a top drawer tourism attraction and Smithsonian-accredited research centre dedicated to the history and culture of the West.
And, apparently, one of his first thoughts on seeing his son - named after Buzz Aldrin and Buffalo Bill Cody - was "he's going to be so funny when he grows up".
The hunt was hosted by Major General Philip Sheridan, and a number of colorful Western characters participated: Chief Spotted Tail, Colonel George Custer, and Buffalo Bill Cody.
These fine guns are valuable works of art on their own, but when owned by a celebrity like Buffalo Bill Cody or Annie Oakley, they become priceless.
And his second name is Cody, as in Buffalo Bill Cody, the greatest showman of all time, so I've worked out his career.
The baby's middle name is after Buffalo Bill Cody - the greatest showman of all time, Frank told Absolute Radio listeners.
PONY EXPRESS (S4C, 9am) Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickok defy saboteurs to open up an east-west route for the pioneering mail service - as well as foiling a plot to prevent California becoming part of the Union.
No mention of four times PM William Gladstone nor of the world's first commercial passenger railway nor of the first flight from the now Aintree racecourse by American Bill Cody.
Western personalities such as Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, and Buffalo Bill Cody do not escape his gaze and neither do "poisoned places" and urban spaces (298).