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German statesman who as chancellor of West Germany worked to reduce tensions with eastern Europe (1913-1992)


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Pic credit: The Focus Gallery and the Bill Brandt Archive.
Featuring home interiors that range from the grandly aristocratic to the simple ordinary, "Imagined Interiors" draws from a range of artists that includes Vermeer and Hogarth to Alfrided Hitchcock and Bill Brandt.
Prints are less expensive than paintings by a long ways," says member Bill Brandt, a retired Oregon State University professor who primarily collects prints of the American West but also has a good collection of Whistler.
Bill Brandt A Life by Paul Delany (Pimlico, pounds 15)
Corcoran senior curator Philip Brookman's ninety-photograph exhibition focuses on these important transitional works, which go from a highly accomplished documentary style involving sharp contrasts in form and content (influenced especially by Bill Brandt and W.
Among the public sector professionals joining DSI is John Filan, who will join DSI founder and president Bill Brandt as co-leaders of DSI Civic.
Manski will report directly to DSI President Bill Brandt.
We English is a very personal work, drawing on Roberts' childhood memories, his engagement with the tradition of British photographic work from Bill Brandt to Paul Graham, and his journey across the country.
Vaughan Williams is here - music for dreams if you like, also Bill Brandt, whose photographs caught the spirit of place perfectly during the 1930s and 1940s.
Work by Jimmy Forsyth, Edgar Lee, Bill Brandt and an anonymous photographer who captured the building of the Tyne Bridge are also included.
Homes Fit For Heroes, photographs by Bill Brandt 1939-1943 by Peter James and Richard Sadler (Dewi Lewis Publishing, pounds 15.
Works by Picasso, Bill Brandt, Chris Killip and Brassai ( big names in the art world ( feature in a Bede Gallery retrospective as part of the Jarrow Festival.
The sale will feature affordable photographs from the 19th century to the near-present day and includes work by Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt, Horst P Horst, Irving Penn and Jacques-Henri Lartigue.