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a dictionary giving equivalent words in two languages

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As explained above, in most previous work on bilingual lexicon building from comparable corpora, the vectors were translated using external seed dictionaries.
The results show that lexico-semantic knowledge derived from a parallel corpus can help to circumvent the need for an external seed dictionary, traditionally considered as a pre-requisite for bilingual lexicon extraction from parallel corpora.
These encouraging results pave the way towards pure data-driven methods for bilingual lexicon extraction from comparable corpora.
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Next, the corpus is word-aligned with GIZA++ (Och and Ney, 2003) and two bilingual lexicons are extracted from the alignment results, one for each translation direction (EN-SL/SL-EN).
We evaluate the results of the different experiments we carry out for extracting bilingual lexicons from comparable corpora by comparing them to a gold standard lexicon, which was comparable corpus and manually inspected.
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