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a person who speaks two languages fluently


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It is more common for the two languages to complement each other for a bilingual person.
He told the programme: ``If Gwynedd Council and every other public body had the right to pay more of a wage to a bilingual person, then we could then make real gains in the people speaking Welsh.
Every bilingual person has a story to tell about how knowing two languages has affected him or her.
The survey was carried out by a team of ten interviewers, who were organized into two groups, each of which included at least one bilingual person who was fluent in English/Spanish and English/Haitian Creole.
In effect, rarity of suitable candidates means that every hire of an experienced bilingual person is a strategic hire.
But, Breed notes that, &uot;If they call that toll free number, they can reach a bilingual person able to assist them.
To return to the original point however, to deny people suitable medical care, social services or any other public services, because a bilingual person has not applied for the job would be criminal.
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