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a person who speaks two languages fluently


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It is more common for the two languages to complement each other for a bilingual person.
As a bilingual person I often find myself switching when my mood changes or the subject affects emotions directly.
A bilingual person is one who practices those two languages.
Every bilingual person has a story to tell about how knowing two languages has affected him or her.
The survey was carried out by a team of ten interviewers, who were organized into two groups, each of which included at least one bilingual person who was fluent in English/Spanish and English/Haitian Creole.
In effect, rarity of suitable candidates means that every hire of an experienced bilingual person is a strategic hire.
Such considerations suggest that to be successful in both languages, the bilingual person will need to be more flexible than are persons who only speak one language.
a bilingual person with native fluency in both languages acquired naturally and especially in early childhood needs, sometimes, more specific training as an interpreter (no clear advantage over the bilingual interpreter with the L2 studied in an artificial environment (18))
But, Breed notes that, &uot;If they call that toll free number, they can reach a bilingual person able to assist them.
To return to the original point however, to deny people suitable medical care, social services or any other public services, because a bilingual person has not applied for the job would be criminal.
Usually the requests we receive are for assistance in finding lost passports, travel documents and wayward wallets during odd hours, but our main goal is to provide AeroMexico's customers with access at any hour to a safe and trusted bilingual person who will ease the traveler's concerns.
Does Mrs Dann acknowledge the possibility that a bilingual person may be highly skilled?
Paul Burrell's former solicitor Andrew Shaw is North Wales' first district judge, but can't speak Welsh, despite claims that the post would be filled by a bilingual person
She says: ``As a bilingual person, you're sure of getting ideas in both languages, and I certainly do,but I can express myself better in Welsh because it is my first language.
He told the programme: ``If Gwynedd Council and every other public body had the right to pay more of a wage to a bilingual person, then we could then make real gains in the people speaking Welsh.
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