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a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants

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The bile canaliculi between hepatocytes typically lie in apical cell regions, toward the center of tubules or cords, although a few perisinusoidal canaliculi do occur.
Another mechanism leading to cholestasis is mediated by drugs that bind to actin filaments, resulting in disruption of the actin filaments situated around the bile canaliculi, thus preventing the normal pulsatile contractions that move bile through the canalicular system to the bile ducts (Cullen 2005).
ALE was found to stimulate secretion of cholephilic compounds into the bile canaliculi that developing in primary hepatocyte cultures (Gebhardt and Ueberham, 1998).
A polyclonal antibody directed against carcinoembryonic antigen (Quartett, Berlin, Germany) (which cross-reacts with biliary glycoprotein 1) stained bile canaliculi formed by hepatocytes, the surface of the biliary epithelium of portal tracts and BDH, as well as the cytoplasm and membranes of scattered tumor cells.
Data indicated that treatment with SCY-635, which is a weak inhibitor of MRP2, resulted in fewer indications of hyperbilirubinemia--including lower accumulation into hepatocytes, greater efflux into bile canaliculi and reduced inhibition of hepatic efflux transporters than the cyclosporin-based cyclophilin inhibitors NIM811 and Debio-025.