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any of the steroid acids generated in the liver and stored with bile

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NGM282, NGM Bio's most advanced clinical program, is a first-in-class engineered protein variant of FGF19, a human hormone that inhibits bile acid synthesis.
The bile acid binding and swelling capacities are important for psyllium's potential health benefits.
To determine whether the composition of bile acids was affected by dietary TCDF exposure, we used UPLC-TQMS to examine bile acids and their levels in the liver, intestine, cecum, and feces, according to published methods (Jiang et al.
buildup of bile acids in the blood also can cause pruritus, or itching,
It blocks bile acid reabsorption in the terminal ileum and increases fecal bile acid excretion, thereby reducing recirculation of bile acids to the liver.
At the start of a meal, FXR prepares for an influx of food, not only triggering bile acid release but also altering blood sugar levels and instigating the burning of some fats.
reuteri breaks the chemical bonds of conjugated bile acids, thereby releasing free bile acids, which are less water-soluble.
Feces of each hamster were collected at the last 3 days for the analysis of cholesterol and bile acids.
BSH enzymes in the gut play an important role in the metabolism of bile acids, cleaving an amino acid to generate unconjugated bile acids which then undergo further bacterial modification to produce secondary bile acids.
Furda has suggested that CS-fatty acid complexes bound additional lipids after being digested, including natural triglycerides, falty and bile acids, and cholesterol and other sterols.
PNALD is an umbrella term that encompasses several conditions, including cholestasis, which results from a buildup of excess bile acids in the liver, and steatosis, which--as its "fatty liver" nickname implies--occurs when there is too much fat in the liver.
Contract award: Delivery reagents Dimension Xpand analyzer, kits for the determination of bile acids in 24 months, reagents and consumables to the camera COBAS B221 within 12 months
Bile acids are the major constituent of bile and the primary bile acids, cholic and chenodeoxycholic acid, and secondary bile acids, lithocholic and deoxycholic acid, make up more than 95% of the bile acid pool.
Bile acids are considered as steroidal hormones with endocrine, metabolic and neuroregulatory functions.
Bile acids as metabolic integrators and therapeutics; proceedings.