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bandicoot with leathery ears like a rabbit

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Only three children had any knowledge of the bilby and just one child understood the term "endangered", relating that there were "only two hundred bilbies left".
The bilbies and possums were released first as they are most likely to be able to co-habit with the existing number of feral cats, which baiting has reduced.
The first animals to be released will be Bilbies, followed by Bush-tailed Bettongs and Numbats.
1998; Claridge and Barry 2000), bandicoots and bilbies (Strahan 1995), and several species of rodents (Dickman 1999).
The ecological disaster that follows will be marked only by absence: Brilliant Australian frogs will be gone, outcompeted by the cane toad; bright corals will have succumbed to repeated chlorinations; bilbies will perish without burrows and wallabies will be eaten by foxes.
Sales of chocol ate Easter Bilbies have done well too.
So, the Timelines Project was born, and with seasonal event information coming from all the states, the Gould League produced in 1996, with beautiful illustrations by Alexis Beckett, the Banksias & Bilbies nature diary featuring weekly event predictions for habitats in northern and southern Australia.
He said feral cats in particular were responsible for terrible damage to native animal populations, almost wiping out bilbies at Currawinya and Astrebla Downs National Parks.
Featured creatures included Muttaburrasaurus, the Little Bent-wing Bat, Bottlenose Dolphins, worms, barramundi, bilbies, beef cattle, a Terek Sandpiper, crocodiles and a whole ABC of Australian animals.
The footage revealed photographic and video evidence of active adult and juvenile bilbies, as well as over 40 burrows with fresh diggings--clearly indicative of a resident population *.
Edel Wignell has gathered together a repository of stories around Bilbies, Helen Chatto tells us about important books in her school and Lisa Kervin shares her perspective on home literacies, to name a few.
John Woinarski regrets "not having the opportunity to see Thylacines, Lesser Bilbies and Paradise Parrots" and laments previous generations for causing the loss of that biological legacy.
Most of the 13 members of the bush band in the first book are native animals, including bilbies, koalas and kangaroos, but there are a few creatures found the world over.
Recent years have seen the release of a rash of bilby books with bilbies on amazing and intriguing escapades: a bilby reaching for a star to give it a kiss, a pirate and a space adventure, a quest for the moon, bilbies in a nursing home, fighting a bushfire, winning a competition .
Some of the creatures included are kangaroos, dingoes, snakes, scorpions, bilbies, echidnas and witchetty grubs--all of which come vividly to life.