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the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane

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Deputy Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Keith Mukata said, "However, if we commit ourselves to signing a bilateral trade agreement, we will be giving our nations the impetus to increase trade within the bounds of the trade agreement parameters that we set.
New industries resulting from the bilateral trade agreement will help create many thousands of new jobs for the Vietnamese people, which will in turn improve the quality of life in Vietnam," said Ambassador Peterson, a former American POW during the Vietnam War.
Last year, the Vietnamese government decided on a one-year waiver of the surcharge as the two countries try to finalize a bilateral trade agreement.
If the WTO member delivers on its negotiating function, then Taiwan, as a member of the organization, will be less dependent on joining regional economic integration and negotiating bilateral trade agreement.
In the Western Hemisphere, there is one exception to excluding sugar from a regional or bilateral trade agreement.
Daley said China needs to complete trade negotiations with the European Union and other WTO member nations by mid-April on its accession to the Geneva-based world trade watchdog to clear the way for Congress to give early endorsement to the bilateral trade agreement.
Lo pointed out that Vietnam is just beginning to see the results from its Bilateral Trade Agreement with the U.
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or TTIP would be a bilateral trade agreement between the US and the EU, the two biggest economies and markets in the world, aiming to remove trade barriers such as tariffs, unnecessary regulations and non tariff barriers in a wide range of economic sectors.
The EU is one of 14 WTO members with which China has yet to conclude a bilateral trade agreement for Beijing to enter the Geneva-based WTO.
In addition, he even stressed his country's ambition to win a bilateral trade agreement, an issue which has already been the subject of six rounds of discussions.
The FTA agreement with China is New Zealand's largest bilateral trade agreement since the Closer Economic Agreement with Australia inked in 1983.
Lula said a bilateral trade agreement would be extremely beneficial for his country, giving Brazilian companies access to a huge consumer market, now served primarily by the US.
The preferred bilateral trade agreement between Tehran and Jakarta is on the final stages of approval.
Summary: THE European Commission have today adopted a draft decision on a EU-Morocco bilateral trade agreement for agri-food and fisheries products.
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