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the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane

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A Bilateral Trade Agreement was negotiated in 1997, which requires Normal Trade Relations to go into effect.
House has approved a bilateral trade agreement with Vietnam in a move that could help open that market to insurers.
Lauder based his case on a bilateral trade agreement between the Czech Republic and the U.
government has proposed the new talks after Japan rejected its call to renew the 1995 bilateral trade agreement aimed at boosting sales of U.
THE US-VIETNAM BILATERAL Trade Agreement, which was submitted to Congress on June 8, would lead to mutual tariff reductions in Vietnam and the United States.
The ratification of the US-Vietnam bilateral trade agreement is expected to be passed next month by both the US Congress and Vietnam's National Assembly.
The recent conclusion of a bilateral trade agreement between the USA and Vietnam has however provided encouragement that the aviation talks will also be productive.
While the recently signed bilateral trade agreement (Congress' acceptance yet to be granted) will, over the next five years, lower the bar for American companies doing business in China, such requirements currently remain a legal obligation.
In an effort to address the country's global competitiveness, Patterson is negotiating a bilateral trade agreement with the United States.
We examine Vietnam's bilateral trade agreement with the US, foreign investment, tariff, Vietnam's BCCs as well as telecommunication development strategy and policy.
I call on Congress and the Trump Administration to redouble their efforts to negotiate a bilateral trade agreement with Japan to address the beef tariff rates as well as other agricultural market access issues similar to what would have been covered under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, said Governor Ricketts.
United Kingdom's International Trade Secretary Liam Fox will be visiting Manila in April, a few days after Britain formally starts its divorce from the European Union, in a bid to reassure the Philippines of its interest for a bilateral trade agreement.
India and Vietnam signed a bilateral trade agreement in 1978 and a Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) in 1997.
The minister said the bilateral trade agreement, which comes in line with the four freedoms agreement inked in September 2012 includes banking arrangements related to accuracy in settling payments for inbound and outbound payments.
ACCOUNTANTS signed a bilateral trade agreement to help giant Chinese manufacturer Singyes Solar a break into the UK market.
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