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the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane

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According to Pritchard, the White House's refusal to conduct high-level bilateral diplomacy and the constant drumbeat of belligerence (exemplified by the characterization of North Korea as part of the "axis of evil" and Vice President Cheney's comment that the United States doesn't "negotiate with evil, we destroy it") convinced Pyongyang that Washington intended to end the North Korean regime.
Just two decades ago, India's visibility and potential on the global economic front were minimal, and the government's key economic objectives revolved around food security and a precarious balance of payments situation - both of which called for effective bilateral diplomacy.
In the first place a decision will have to be made that the UN is important enough to us to link our multilateral diplomacy with our bilateral diplomacy.
In dynamic diplomatic movements, the Qatari diplomacy showed the clear example of successful international politics, where bilateral diplomacy was the successful example of the practical diplomacy that involves dealing with countries of varied cultures.
Finding a way through the territorial dispute might require more than goodwill and bilateral diplomacy.
Bass is not simply concerned with bilateral diplomacy, but with relations among the U.
The way in which Bahrain would co-operate with the US in it war against terror would be determined mainly by existing defence agreements and understandings, as well as a tradition of quiet behind the scenes bilateral diplomacy.
Japan and China are set to hold high-level diplomatic talks Wednesday in Beijing to discuss issues including next year's commemoration of 30 years of normalized ties in bilateral diplomacy, Japanese government officials said Thursday.
There is a strong prima facie case that both our multilateral diplomacy with our allies and our bilateral diplomacy with Iraq, rather than serving to develop alternatives to war, were merely arms of our military strategy.
Lopsided bilateral diplomacy, as we witness between Israel and Palestine, using the same failed approach that has seen the Arab-Israeli conflict mired in tension and regular outbreaks of violence for decades now.
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