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the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane

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But the focus on national interests is also relevant when one asks the question in relation to bilateral diplomacy.
In my view, given the irreconcilable grand strategies of the United States and China, the current quality of bilateral diplomacy is insufficient to avoid the danger of an eventual sustained confrontation between the two countries, even though neither Washington nor Beijing want such a crisis.
The secretary urged with regard to the Senakakus Islands dispute that Japan move carefully, deliberately and effectively in its bilateral diplomacy with China," a senior State Department official told reporters
In totality of diplomatic work in present day conditions, still dominant is traditional form of bilateral diplomacy, both when the volume or content are concerned.
of Southern California) explores the bilateral diplomacy between the two countries in order to uncover the reasons for the negotiated alliance, how negotiations were conducted, key participants in the negotiations, the nature of the alliance, and the significance of the alliance for the balance of power in the East, among other issues.
14 -- Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly next week will see high-profile bilateral diplomacy as well that could include meetings with US President Barack Obama and Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.
Much of the book functions as a source book on, inter alia, conventions around bilateral diplomacy, the structure of multilateral diplomacy, and finally a section that considers the commentary on how to function as a diplomat.
At the same time, the Administration engaged in bilateral diplomacy with Iran on specific priority issues, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, but was hesitant to offer Iran sustained, broad engagement without preconditions.
Even more grandiose, the carrier of Solana's baton will head up the new EU diplomatic service--the so-called External Action Service--which will slice through traditional, bilateral diplomacy by EU members in many parts of the world.
According to Pritchard, the White House's refusal to conduct high-level bilateral diplomacy and the constant drumbeat of belligerence (exemplified by the characterization of North Korea as part of the "axis of evil" and Vice President Cheney's comment that the United States doesn't "negotiate with evil, we destroy it") convinced Pyongyang that Washington intended to end the North Korean regime.
In the first place a decision will have to be made that the UN is important enough to us to link our multilateral diplomacy with our bilateral diplomacy.
In dynamic diplomatic movements, the Qatari diplomacy showed the clear example of successful international politics, where bilateral diplomacy was the successful example of the practical diplomacy that involves dealing with countries of varied cultures.
Finding a way through the territorial dispute might require more than goodwill and bilateral diplomacy.
Bass is not simply concerned with bilateral diplomacy, but with relations among the U.
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