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a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)

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The new bilateral contracts are with a number of wholesale suppliers in NJ to indirectly serve the BGS load in the state.
Emphasizing that stranded costs are a transition issue, EGA laid out a three step process which would: identify the scope of stranded costs by using market-based valuation mechanisms such as auctions, bidding, or bilateral contract arrangements; design the appropriate mechanisms for stranded cost recovery at both the wholesale and retail levels; and, ensure 100 percent recovery of the eligible stranded costs of utility assets and power purchase contracts.
We believe bilateral contracts will attract additional supplies to California at a time when they are sorely needed," said Gary Stern, SCE manager of market monitoring and analysis.
The reduction is due in large part to bilateral contracts enacted between load-serving entities, (investor owned utilities, etc.
These will then be completed through direct bilateral contracts outside the Electronic Bulletin Board.
Furthermore, the implementation of regional dispatch will allow for more efficient use of existing transmission and generation assets, which is expected to lower spot energy prices and put downward pressure on prices in bilateral contracts, resulting in a potential annual gross savings of roughly $713 million to energy consumers.
We will receive significant value from the PCI system through optimisation of our complex portfolio of multiple combined-cycle power stations, bilateral contracts, brokered trades, and markets.
In addition to their role in future electricity contracting, the financial trading hubs allow market participants to transition from their existing bilateral contracts in ways that better reflect the Day-Ahead and Real-Time Energy Markets based on Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP), which will be used as of March 1 of next year.
The new market structure (commenced in 2004) is a combination of a competitive market based on bilateral contracts and a regulated market, where NEK remains the intermediary for procuring power for captive customers
Supply of approximately 736 GWh of electricity, divided into three separate lots by type of use and voltage levels, the users of those sites under Article 42 bis, paragraphs 3 and 4, the LR 38/2007 Parties to the Convention in respect of bilateral contracts on the open market pursuant to and by effect of Legislative Decree 16.
This performance was mainly due to the higher volume of energy sold through the bilateral contract with AES Eletropaulo, coupled with a 355 GWh growth in volume of energy sold through other bilateral contracts (489 GWh in 2Q13 versus 135 GWh in 2Q12).
76% of the respondents say the Bulgarian labor unions must sign with counterpart organizations abroad bilateral contracts, guaranteeing workers' rights.
1) trading of electricity under bilateral contracts between the producers and suppliers;
Exactly how the trading will work in practice has yet to be finalised, but it is expected that, in the event of an emergency exchange of power, payment will be made on an in-kind basis, while bilateral contracts will be drawn up between the provider and the off-taker for scheduled trades.
Supply of about 39 million cubic meters / year, divided into 11 lots for independent assignment, broken down by geographical area and administered by a Sales Company (hereinafter referred to as Supplier) to the sites users~ Meeting of the Consortium Toscana Energia (hereinafter referred to as customers), a consortium made up of public administration and headquartered in Independence Square 16-50129 Florence, in front of bilateral contracts on the open market pursuant to and by effect of Legislative Decree 23/05/2000 n.
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