bill of lading

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a receipt given by the carrier to the shipper acknowledging receipt of the goods being shipped and specifying the terms of delivery


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British and Irish Lions bosses were said to have wanted a meanlooking mascot so, stopping short of getting an actual lion, they settled on BIL, who is one of the biggest mascots the team has had.
Country: NorwaySector: Wholesale/RetailTarget: Bilia's operations in Bryne, Norway, Kverneland Bil Drammen ASBuyer: Bilia AB , Bilia Personbil AS, Kverneland Bil AS Vendor: Bilia Personbil AS, Bilia AB , Kverneland Bil AS Deal size in USD: 2.
BIL) BIL is the holding company of the manufacturing businesses of the Braj Binani Group and operates through its subsidiaries.
Bil and Thelma "Thel" Keane met during World War II in a war bond office in Brisbane, Australia.
Claes Nybergs Bil and Hertz Sweden have also signed a long-term franchise agreement.
734(d) at the time of an ownership transfer or a substantial BIL under Sec.
But on Wednesday BIL was forced to raise its original cash offer to 130p from 115p two days before it was due to lapse.
In 2009-10 (refers to financial year, April 1 to March 31), BIL issued bonus debentures in the form of dividends.
Michelsens Bil is one of southern Sweden's largest car dealers.
A substantial BIL exists when the partnership's adjusted basis in its property exceeds the property's fair market value (FMV) by more than $250,000.
Best has commented that the debt rating of "bbb-" on the GBP 135 million fixed rate subordinated notes, originally issued and guaranteed by the intermediate holding company of BIL, Brit Insurance Holdings Ltd (United Kingdom), and now an obligation of Brit Insurance, remains under review with negative implications.
Tenders are invited for 1)420 Kv 1250 A 1425 Kvp Bil Rip Bushing Qty: 25 No 2)420 Kv 1600 A , 1550 Kvp Bil Rip Bushing Qty: 70 No 3)420 Kv 2000 A 1550 Kvp Bil Rip Bushing Qty: 25 No 4)245 Kv 1250A 1050 Kvp Bil Rip Bushing Qty: 10 No 5)145 Kv 1250 A 650 Kvp Bil Rip Bushing Qty: 30 No 6)52 Kv 3150A 250 Kvp Bil Rip Bushing Qty: 10 No
704(c)(1)(C)--contributions of BIL property: According to AJCA Section 833, a built-in-loss (BIL) may be taken into account only by a contributing partner, not by the other partners.
The decision to no longer underwrite specialty and reinsurance business through BIL will reduce the contribution the company makes to the Brit group's income.
BIL also derives additional financial flexibility from BIH's access to the financial markets.