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If you're riding on dirt roads, mountain bike tires will be a good choice.
As a child Sheldon had a collection of baseball cards, saving the less desirable ones to put in the spokes of his bike tires.
Schoendorfer designed the wheelchairs, which are made of plastic chairs, metal tubing, and mountain bike tires.
Sure, life's gonna steer your bike tires into a muddy puddle from time to time.
Riding redrock gives mountain bike tires supernatural traction, making Moab to mountain bikers what the North Shore is to surfers.
Two untitled "bricolages" from 1969 exemplified Rama's practice of embedding objects such as glass eyes, human teeth, or animal claws into canvas, while Birnam's Presages, 1984, was a striking example of a whole subcategory of sculptural pieces made from the innards of bike tires.
those who want to own life own everything, which might be nothing except for the reality of something that hurt my friends some slashed bike tires some quieter protesters some condemned home, alive just a day ago and the undeniable & real damage we all carry inside our bodies from the food that we eat
After his early morning epiphany, Hale abandoned his day job as an environmental planner in Las Vegas, pumped up his bike tires and pedaled more than 5,000 miles around the Western states to scout routes and plan Backroads' first trips.
In a few minutes Gil heard the familiar crunch of gravel beneath his bike tires again.
I feared it might end in failure because of a pulled muscle or a sharp object puncturing one of the bike tires.
We use glue to make and hold together books, boxes, airplanes, automobiles, envelopes, magazines, musical instruments, hair spray, bike tires, sand paper, bug traps, shoes, furniture, denture adhesive for false teeth, the heat tiles on the Space Shuttle, postage stamps, and bumper stickers to name a few.
Puddles often hide debris, and those deadly sewer grates are just the right width to catch bike tires.
Despite the impression that the trail's name might give, the sandstone it traverses offers remarkable traction; bike tires rarely lose their grip on even the toughest climbs or descents.
Though bike tires are narrower than Vibram soles, the rider's weight is distributed over the contact area of both tires, and the bike generally weighs about 872 pounds less than a horse.
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