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a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

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The player, who we will not identify because the decision is his and his alone, will deserve praise because bigots in changing rooms and in the stands have, in the past, forced gay footballers to keep quiet until they retire.
If there was a political club for his ilk, its membership would include other bigots such as former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and former Alabama governor George Wallace.
And nasty bigots are just as likely to follow it as decent human beings.
There are hundreds of thousands of bigots in the UK and they need representation too.
A generation ago, the bigots who marched wore orange sashes, banged a big drum, and followed a white horse in their parades.
The people who publicly support this vote whilst in private condemning it are the cowards and real bigots and it is a good thing to find a politician willing to risk their career for principle.
I AM a committed Christian and I have been offended by the recent Press release being issued to the media by the Deputy Prime Minister's office, effectively saying that those who oppose gay marriage are bigots.
Extracts released early by officials said: "Continued trouble in the economy gives the bigots a stick to beat us with, as they demand we 'postpone' the equalities agenda in order to deal with 'the things people really care about'.
And it is sad to have to see the anti-gay religious bigots listed in Bob Minor's column (Minor Details).
I don't know about these bigots bringing the teachers out on strike.
Y Nicht so schwer wie Hamburg oder Dresden Father forgive The men's hands grasp in friendship, not in war And the Englishman knows The boy in the field would be proud of his son And the men pray together Father forgive And 70 years on, still the bigots And the bigots who call them bigots Continue to fight it out And another boy, a refugee, sees his city burn Father forgive For my city, Coventry, and in memory of my father Ernie Rafferty, 1930-2001.
And in the extreme, those who cling to unreasonable views are bigots.
If he hadn't shown himself to be a bigot in the first place, would he still have been bothered in the street by other bigots?
There are no bigots like bigots who claim God's ear.
That it's ok to discriminate against and deny the callings and value of gays if doing so makes the bigots and folks with other views upset?