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large hairy humanoid creature said to live in wilderness areas of the United States and Canada


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In 2008, two men, Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton, made global headlines by posting on YouTube the body of a Bigfoot discovered in northern Georgia.
Tom Biscardi, Chief Executive Officer of Bigfoot Project Investments stated, "The acquisition of East Glacier Park Enterprises is another big step in our pursuit of the truth.
Consumed by rage at his mother's betrayal, Adam hitchhikes to the remote address and discovers that his missing parent is a real-life Bigfoot.
Tim wants to help his father, a cryptologist, prove that Bigfoot really does exist.
Together with Bigfoot, we are challenging conventional methods of diabetes management by bringing together our expertise in superior glucose monitoring technology with a best-in-class insulin delivery system that is designed with the patient in mind.
Tom's interest in searching for the creature was sparked 50 years ago when he watched the now-famous video of a purported Bigfoot creature walking in a California forest on "The Tonight Show.
They're just kind of typical in the Bigfoot community," Sara Jeffers says of the evidence.
And scraps of fur handed in by Bigfoot enthusiasts in the USA came from bears, wolves, horses, sheep and even porcupines.
Dyer told San Antonio TV station KSAT that every test that one can possibly imagine was performed on this body- from DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans, claiming that it is Bigfoot and he shot it.
Countless books and documentaries have offered up the same explanation, that Bigfoot are nothing more than large, bipedal apes that mainstream science has yet to accept as real.
The researchers in the US have reported their findings after spending five years and [euro]300,000 investigating sightings of Bigfoot, or sasquatch as it is known in America.
But the battle is on for second place between visitors from other planets and Bigfoot, the upright primate who is most often seen, it seems, by people who, after a good night, are no longer upright.
of Center Harbor NH, the provider of Bigfoot CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) for the optimization of production and facility equipment, recently signed on three breweries in need of centralizing maintenance operations: Allagash Brewing, Long Trail Brewing and Otter Creek Brewing, all based in the Northeast, with nationwide distribution.
Ranae Holland, research biologist, Bigfoot skeptic and co-star of Finding Bigfoot.