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a shockingly bad person

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a sensational message (in a film or play or novel)

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Richard Langlois, of the Las Vegas Hilton, admitted her success is "a big shocker for all of us".
Dick Cheney -- Mel Gibson -- Willie Nelson -- Paris Hilton BIG POWER COUPLE The celebrity couple whose clout trumped all the rest in '06 -- Beyonce & Jay-Z -- Britney Spears & Kevin Federline -- Matthew McConaughey & Lance Armstrong -- Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie BIG SHOCKER The moment or event that we didn't see coming in the past twelve months -- Bill Clinton loses his cool -- John Mark Carr confesses -- Mark Foley gets caught -- North Korea tests a nuke BIG REALITY STAR -- WRITE IN CATEGORY "VH1 BIG IN '06 AWARDS" CREDENTIAL APPLICATION (ARRIVALS/MULTBOX ROOM)
Brightside (The Killers) Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day) Don't Phunk With My Heart (The Black Eyed Peas) Don't Stop Believing (Journey) BIG BREAKTHROUGH Jessica Alba Steve Carell Jeremy Piven Penguins BIG REALITY STAR Dog Tommy Lee Bo Bice Danny Bonaduce Kelly Monaco & John O'Hurley BIG SHOCKER Michael Jackson is acquitted of child molestation charges David Chappelle disappears Jude Law gets caught with the nanny Tyra Banks proves her breasts are real BIG STYLIN' Gwen Stefani Jessica Simpson Eva Longoria Kevin Federline BIG FEUD Tom Cruise vs.
But when we found out it was ACL, it was a big shocker.
Professor Shane supposedly "knows a thing or two about the paranormal," which doesn't comes as a big shocker considering the paranormal is Mystic Falls worst kept secret.
It was a big shocker because I recognised him straight away.
The only big shocker for Dickinson on his eviction was finally finding out which of his campmates was guilty of using the floor as a toilet.
NO doubt about this year's big shocker in the fourth round of the Tennents Scottish Cup - and it happened 24 hours before any of the matches kicked off.
The longer-term changes will be discussed shortly, but the big shockers were the closing of Macy's downtown and the more recent shutdown of K-Mart on the 93 Strip.
Given the track record of the show, there are a few big shockers to be expected in episode 10.