Acer macrophyllum

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maple of western North America having large 5-lobed leaves orange in autumn

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The name big leaf maple comes from the fact that its leaves are typically 12 inches across, although some can have widths of 24 inches.
She started working with the cambium layer of big leaf maples she found near her home, shaping her baskets in response to her forest environment.
The West is in general poor in hardwoods yielding high-quality lumber, but big leaf maple is an exception, producing several million board feet a year for use in furniture, interior finish, flooring, and boat building," according to Peattie.
Eugene has been in love with trees since the first settlers transplanted big leaf maple saplings from the riverbank to their front yards, said Phillip Carroll of the Eugene Tree Foundation.
Tom Snyder, one-third of the model-making business, Moments in Time Exhibits, said the re-creation is exact, right down to the location of the big leaf maple trees and the panes in the windows of the scale-model courthouse.
But it became a hazard because of rot in its trunk and roots, so when it was felled on Monday, urban forester Seth San Filippo stepped in to make his own brand of lemonade from the tree - which actually was a big leaf maple.
So, the state Department of Forestry bids you to get out, now, and see the big leaf maple, dogwood, red alder, vine maple and poison oak stage their annual show.
But metal sculptor Lin Cook has her own florid names for the stations: Big Leaf Maple, Pacific Dogwood, Oregon Iris, Rhododendron, White Oak, Sword Fern, Douglas Fir and Filbert.
Three native trees - two incense cedars and a big leaf maple - will be added, along with native or low-maintenance plants in the area's planting beds.
On Saturday, volunteers spread out in teams of three to plant a mix of black cottonwood, big leaf maple, Oregon ash, a Willamette Valley subspecies of ponderosa pine and Western red cedar.
In honor of Arbor Week, students from Northwest Christian College will help the Eugene Neighborwoods program plant seven big leaf maple trees on Monroe Street between Eighth Avenue and West Broadway from 2 p.
Western red cedar intersperses itself between Douglas fir, alder and big leaf maple along the Pacific coast from Northern California to southeastern Alaska.
Interested community volunteers are invited to help plant 24 trees, including big leaf maple, little leaf Linden, autumn blaze maple and birch.
Fourteen "hazardous" big leaf maple trees along a popular walking and cycling trail in Springfield will be removed Tuesday.
A good bet would be our abundance of trees - the large-canopy big leaf maples, the craggy Oregon white oaks, the horse chestnuts lining the north end of Jefferson Street downtown, and many other species in our parks and neighborhoods throughout the city.