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an extreme accumulation of fat on the buttocks

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The sexy starlet had to defend herself in a recent interview with Nadine Magazine, explaining that her perfectly-shaped big butt goes back to horse riding and squats, adding that the only plastic surgery she's ever had was to reshape her nose.
though sometimes they stole a smoke from big butts on the street
Indians, known for their big butts, can make the most of this trend instead of going to extraordinary lengths to hide their natural endowments -- like they usually do with long kurti s or black trousers.
And yes, the next time someone teases our big butts, we will have the last laugh.
We did have to jury-rig some curved sections of plastic drainpipe on the corners because our array of aging horses found those edges a perfect place for rubbing their big butts.
BIG butts like J-Lo's may be in but I would rather have a pert posterior.
Throughout the exhibition of eleven full-size paintings and a handful of small studies, we saw Yuskavage drawing on previous works, rehearsing the perky tits and big butts of earlier little-big girls as a means of further inscribing her paintings' spaces as feminine.
But Staton says Gardiner told her that African Americans "often have large lips, big butts, and nappy hair.
When it comes to body parts, Salzhauer is a fan of plump booties: "I like big butts and I cannot lie.
US rapper Sir Mixalot once said "I like big butts and I cannot lie" in one of his most infamous songs, and now young - and certainly cheeky - Egyptian actor Ahmed el Fishawi admitted it in a picture too
Talking about her most famous asset, she adds: "I remember a time when big butts weren't in any way sexy.