Big Brother

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Synonyms for Big Brother

an absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive

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an authoritarian leader and invader of privacy

an older brother

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His only other musical experience was last year's Big Bruvva and playing Friedrich in The Sound Of Music when he was 12, of which he laughs "I don't know if that counts".
Producers approached ex-housemates to record a video segment for Big Bruvva the Musical - starring former Emmerdale star Ben Freeman - which opens this week at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
With Sam Mitchell left running the family empire against the ever-expanding Watts clan, big bruvva Grant may be ready to provide some support.
So far, the two most entertaining/confounding contestants have been Jade, whose experience in the Big Bruvva house has obviously done nothing at all for her brain capacity, and Paul O'Grady - the bloke who plays Lily Savage and who looks like he's going to throw a wobbler everytime something goes wrong.
His girlfriend, Sophie Ladds, 32, who he met when they appeared in the Edinburgh Fringe production of musical Big Bruvva last summer was with him in Barbados last October when he was cleared of rape.