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a city of central European Russia

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Challenged on whether he had been unwilling to pick up a "hot potato", he replied: "I would say it was clearly a big potato.
Also offered are golden-brown Frips and Cactus Cuts, which combine the thin, crispy bite of potato chips with the big potato flavor of french fries.
Frips combine the thin, crispy bite of potato chips with the hot, big potato flavor of French fries.
But in 2000, output fell about 80 percent after McDonald's and other big potato purchasers such as Burger King, McCain Foods, and Frito-Lay decided to stop selling products made from biotech potatoes.
And many people think the Big Potato in Robertson, NSW, looks more like a giant poo.
New Frips[TM] combine the hot, big potato taste of fries and the thin crunch of chips into one crispy bite.
She started by belting out Charlie Big Potato from their second album, Stoosh.
PCHARLIE Big Potato may be the oddest title of the week, but Skunk Anansie's latest single is also one of the best.