bighorn sheep

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wild sheep of mountainous regions of western North America having massive curled horns

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Spokesperson Dave Ealey would not comment on unconfirmed reports from the unnamed officer, but he did say that last hunting season after the Metis interim harvesting agreement was put into place, 145 Big Horn Sheep were taken in Alberta.
The creek drainage provides critical habitat for big horn sheep, mountain goat, and mule deer habitat.
The game offers a wide variety of animals to hunt including grizzly bears, mountain loins, goats, elk, big horn sheep, moose and of course, deer.
The analysis also featured innovative analytical techniques including a state-of-the-art radar system linked to video recorders to monitor avian and big horn sheep activity.
Select from spectacularly scenic locations in Idaho, Alaska, Montana and Wyoming, and choose North American Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Big Horn Sheep, Bull Moose or Mountain Lions as your prey.
This area's vast, rugged terrain is not only home to two protected species, the desert tortoise and the desert big horn sheep, but its remote rugged mountains and canyons offer outstanding opportunities for backpacking, hiking, and solitude," said Monica Argandona of the California Wilderness Coalition.
Watch wildlife including elk, moose and big horn sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park, then hike around beautiful Bear Lake with sheer, rugged, snowcapped peaks in all directions (1 hour and 15 minutes from Denver).
The Noggle Creek watershed is home to many wildlife and fish species, including moose, big horn sheep, bald eagles, great horned owls and the threatened bull trout.
The Federal District Court concluded that the environmental impact statement was deficient in its explanation and/or environmental analysis with regard to: (i) the issue of eutrophication which deals with the introduction of nutrients, in this case primarily nitrogen, as a result of the existence of the landfill; (ii) the Big Horn Sheep, which is not an endangered species; and (iii) statement of purpose and need; and (iv) the reasonable range of alternatives to the proposed project.
The bear habitat is to be located on two acres of land east of the Big Horn Sheep Habitat exhibit sponsored by Stillwater Mining in 2000.
Weyhrich explains, "Each carton in our Nature Preservation Series Ice Cream features a different wildlife species, including elk, eagles, big horn sheep, bears and bison.