Big Dipper

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a group of seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major

elevated railway in an amusement park (usually with sharp curves and steep inclines)

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When the Big Dipper was born in 1989, it was a small affair organized by several of the adoptive parents whose lives had been enhanced by their affiliation with Children's Friend, and who wanted to give back to its volunteers and employees.
Student Josh Forbes, 17, from Lancaster, had ridden the Big Dipper on Blackpool Pleasure Beach with pals earlier in the day and was looking for another ride before leaving.
Down below the Big Dipper is the next layer, the Little Dipper, also horizontal.
The Big Dipper All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Festival, which benefits Children's Friend Inc.
Easy to recognize, the Big Dipper points the way to Polaris--the North Star--which, as its name suggests, tells us which way is north.
STAFF on Blackpool Pleasure Beach's crash-hit big dipper are said to have known it had a fault.
Last month, the Hubble Space Telescope stared at a tiny patch of sky near the handle of the Big Dipper for 10 consecutive days, generating a high-resolution image that reaches deeper into the heavens than any previous one.
A powerful computer and special hardware calculate and display star motions and positions instantly, enabling audience members to time-travel and see how the Big Dipper looked 100,000 years ago or how Orion the Hunter will appear ten centuries years in the future.
Scott Brown and his family will serve up ice cream at the annual all-you-can-eat Big Dipper Ice Cream Festival Saturday in Elm Park, to benefit Children's Friend of Worcester.
The year ending was a rollercoaster and 2009 promises to be another big dipper ride for us and Gordon Brown.
The rain-soaked American clocked up just over 1013 hours on Blackpool's Big Dipper.
27, comet enthusiast Tsuruhiko Kiuchi of Usuda, Japan, spotted a fuzzy ball among the stars of the Big Dipper.
Destined to become a favorite spot for guests is the resort's Pool Building, with its general store, arcade/game room, fitness facility, changing rooms, community hall and two swimming pools -- the Big Dipper, featuring a barrel-shaped tower slide and the appropriately named Little Dipper, for the kids.
WORCESTER - The weather alone made for a beautiful day at Elm Park, but add unlimited trips to nine ice cream vendors and the Big Dipper All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Festival was absolutely delicious.
Aratus, who wrote Phaenomena, the oldest known Greek star guide, indicates, "Arctophylax, who men call Bootes, because he is just seen to be touching the wagon-like Bear," follows the Big Dipper.