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commercial enterprises organized and financed on a scale large enough to influence social and political policies

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Treasury and the SBA to support and encourage efforts by big businesses to support the development of smaller businesses.
These groups fear that the DPU's Electric Utility Deregulation Plan will result in a reduced quality of service for individual consumers and thousands of lost jobs in order to pay for lower electric rates for big businesses.
The key finding is how consistently the programs grossly favor big businesses.
A ComRes poll of 2,000 people for the Forum of Private Business (FPB) found that more than threequarters of respondents think big businesses are likely to prioritise profits over high ethical standards.
The result, De Rugy concludes, is that small businesses aren't being subsidized to compete with big businesses so much as with other small businesses.
Carney's opening declares, "This is a book about how the regular guy gets ripped off," and exposes how government regulation of big businesses actually protects them while hurting smaller businesses and higher taxes on the rich facilitate transferring of money to the big corporations, citing examples of Phillip Morris lobbying for federal regulation of tobacco, counter-intuitively, to their own advantage.
Big businesses should be encouraged to use Welsh instead of being forced to do so under the law, language chiefs said today.
So now, because of the disastrous Supreme Court decision, the government can now take your homes and give it to big businesses.
How are Wal-Mart, Toyota and other big businesses creating even more value in their already-large companies?
No doubt the same big businesses that supply the weapons used to fight the same wars.
The idea is for big businesses to assist small business owners who stand to benefit from the higher level of competence and experience of their larger counterparts.
Export-Import Bank model, and so do big businesses.
IBM Corp is spending $100m to carry the momentum of its e- business campaign down to small businesses and overturn the notion that IBM is a big business just for big businesses.
But big businesses, like McDonald's and other fast food franchisers, were apoplectic: They want unions to have to organize the largest possible unit, which makes the job more difficult.