Big Brother

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Synonyms for Big Brother

an absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive

Words related to Big Brother

an authoritarian leader and invader of privacy

an older brother

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According to the official website, 'M-Net West Africa has confirmed that 'Romances for upcoming Big Brother Naija Season 3 will be televised live There are still no details on how it will be televised, but Friday Treat will keep you updated.
Because may distinction ang pag-describe nila sa elders at sa big brother,'' the senator added.
I can't wait to get back to Big Brother because it's my little home.
IF anyone wants to know what to expect in 2015, they just need to take a look at Celebrity Big Brother - arguments galore, embarrassing stories and way too much airtime for Katie Hopkins.
After two months, she quit to host Channel 4's Big Brother spin-off show Big Brother's Little Brother.
00pm The 11th and final series of Big Brother might have finished a few weeks ago but the Ultimate Big Brother series has captivated the nation over the past fortnight.
FORMER Big Brother star Imogen Thomas said she definitely won't be returning to the house for Ultimate Big Brother.
Love it or loathe it, Big Brother (Tuesday, Channel 4, 8pm) has played a huge part in our lives during its reign, often sparking controversy with racial issues, bullying and lacklustre romantic affairs.
MEMBERS of a Merseyside family who filled their home with cameras to make their own version of Big Brother have appeared on TV.
It seems only a few weeks since we waved goodbye to the last occupants of the Big Brother house, but now a new batch of wannabes line up to while away the summer sunbathing, rowing, flirting and making fools of themselves for our entertainment.
Channel 4 and E4's Big Brother is just one of many, many versions of the programme around the world and and here are some of best bits from the wonderful world of BB around the globe:
That was in January 2007, when more than 45,000 viewers complained about the bullying of Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty in "Celebrity Big Brother.
BIG Brother eight's Chanelle Hayes has been voted favourite ever housemate in a survey on website Digital Spy.
We try to make it very straightforward, commonsense, and doable to be a big brother or big sister," says Clay Brewer, Big Brothers Big Sisters executive vice president and chief operating officer.
BIG-SPENDING Channel 4 bosses have paid a staggering pounds 40million to screen Big Brother for the next four years, it was revealed last night.