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Synonyms for bib

top part of an apron

a napkin tied under the chin of a child while eating

drink moderately but regularly


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Brain Challenge Another game featuring "brain exercise puzzles", Brain Challenge is also structured like Big Brain Academy in that puzzles are divided into four separate categories - logic, maths, visual and focus.
The Big Brain Panel--hat and all--was intended to kick-start a newspaper culture that would encourage and embrace innovation.
Allen Hobson has written and co-written many books on the subject, is Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and is obviously a big brain on the subject I can imagine that it would be easy for him to get all technical, but he doesn't.
But fortune smiles on the boy with a big brain and heart, and even a kid in a plum tuxedo occasionally rides home with the princess.
On the one hand, the observation is so obvious that the only real reaction one can make is to mutter ruefully over how a certified big brain like Posner can turn any p banal opinion into a book deal.
Fish contains high levels of docosahexaenoic acid, a fatty acid linked to enhanced brain and eye development--a fact that prompted this comment by a University of Toronto nutritionist: "You don't need a big brain to collect mussels and clams, but living on them gives you the excess energy and.
Chief Executive Usama Fayyad is a big brain in the field who edits an industry journal and a newsletter.
How was a big brain supposed to fit through that small pelvis?
Loaded into SGI[R] UV[TM] 2000, the Big Brain computer, this massive dataset underwent full text geocoding and complete date-coding, using algorithms that identified every mention of every location and every date across the text of every entry on Wikipedia.
May 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- WET's Mark Fuller and Pilgrim Studios' Craig Piligian, Executive Producers of Discovery's new reality competition series, The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius, today announced a contest in conjunction with the show - airing Wednesday nights at 7pm E/P on Discovery - offering one innovative viewer per week the chance to win $5,000.
Big Brain Burger- with smoked mustard mayo, lettuce & cheese in sesame seed bun
com is a Panamanian corporation, owned and operated by Big Brain International S.
GEORGE decides that alco Peter is a useless dad - somebody hand him the Big Brain prize, the rest of us figured that out when he drunkenly burned the house down - and swipes Simon, taking him off to Blackpool.
But that's about to change Not quite an Essex girl, but Lynne Barrett-Lee knows what it's like to adapt to live in Wales, just like Gavin BOOKS Inside the life of the Archers with scriptwriter Jo Toye FOOD Cutting edge culinary knife skills TRAVEL Hot deals and great reader holiday offers to suit all pockets GARDENING With John Humphries and Lynne Allbutt TV & FILM Pick of the week's top shows and movies not to be missed PUZZLES So, can you solve our big brain teasers this weekend?
As far as our economy is we need a big brain in charge of what we need to do to get through the severity of this recession.