Big Bill Haywood

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United States labor leader and militant socialist who was one of the founders of the Industrial Workers of the World (1869-1928)

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Big Bill Haywood to see our sign soon he step off the train.
Debs did not want to purge the party, although he was openly critical of both the direct-action, anarchistic tactics of Big Bill Haywood and the cautious middle-class reformism of Victor Berger.
Most of all, Hightower is an agitator in the tradition of Mother Jones and Big Bill Haywood.
A place where, as the labor leader Big Bill Haywood put it, "the boss's brains are under the workman's cap.
The 'Lyrical Left' of the First World War years was the story of the 'Wobblies' and of Big Bill Haywood, of Debs and Bryan; its enemies were Puritanism, capitalism, nationalism, and the frontier.
The day before he faced a firing squad in November 1915, he wired Big Bill Haywood, the head of the IWW, "Don't waste any time in mourning.
He stood on the platform with Mother Jones and Big Bill Haywood in 1905 at the founding convention of the Industrial Workers of the World.