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a triangular area in southwestern Texas on the Mexican border

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bi-national efforts made to protect the Big Bend region of the
Also, dense seagrass beds, as seen in Steinhatchee in the Big Bend region, may be too difficult for the larger snails to navigate through.
Exposures to contaminants were implicated in reproductive and health impairments of birds and fishes from the Lower Rio Grande Valley and of birds from the Big Bend region (Wainwright et al.
For the first time in about 50 years, silvery minnows inhabited the waters of the Big Bend region.
El Paso and the Big Bend Region -- Public Health Region 10
In Big Bend National Park (BBNP), located in the Big Bend region of far west Texas (Brewster County; northern region of the Chihuahuan Desert), M.
We discovered the area while visiting the Big Bend region of Nebraska, a 60-mile stretch of Interstate 80 along the Platte River.
The once-open river described as 'a mile wide and a foot deep' by westward-bound travelers now more closely resembles a braided woodland," wrote biologists Stephen Rothenberger and Charles Bicak in their 1993 book, The Platte River: An Atlas of the Big Bend Region.
Aerial shots in the Big Bend region, along the state's Gulf coast, at an offshore oil rig and in the pine forests of East Texas took place last week.
Florida Sportsman Field Editor Tommy Thompson, of the Big Bend Region, sums up the views of many conservation-minded recreational anglers when he says, "The 15 fish per angler bag limit is ridiculous.
As a member of the House Committee on Culture, Recreation and Tourism, I believe the elimination of Prada Marfa would be detrimental to the City of Marfa, Presidio County and the whole Big Bend region by removing a talked about art piece and tourist attraction," state Rep.
Once, grasses in the Big Bend region of Texas were said to have been tall enough to brush the bellies of horses.
From roughly the Cape Canaveral area, working down the east coast, throughout Florida Bay and back up to the Big Bend region, catching an inshore slam can be done, if you know what to look for.
Sul Ross is the city's largest employer and the only four-year institution of higher education in the sparsely populated Big Bend region, with an enrollment that has hovered around 2,000 students for the last decade.