Big Bend National Park

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a large national park in Texas featuring mountains and desert and canyons and wildlife

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1--Annual precipitation and temperature at Panther Junction in Big Bend National Park for 1981-2014 as departures from 60-year (1956-2015) means of 340 mm and 19.
Big Bend National Park can offer the perfect backdrop to provide inspiration for Artist in Residence Dawn Waters Baker, and for her skills in painting grand landscapes on oils.
Three days into the hiker's schedule a major snow-storm struck the Big Bend National Park area.
Maeder, 64, prepares and serves exquisite meals on raft trips along the Rio Grande through Big Bend National Park, a 324,225-hectare wilderness some 1,125 kilometers west of Houston.
Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park provides perfect backdrop to fine cuisine.
Ryan delivered a fluid, thick portrait of Mules Ear Peak in Big Bend National Park.
He has published nature guidebooks for national parks, such as Badlands National Park in South Dakota and Big Bend National Park in Texas.
Big Bend National Park is one of America's places of great natural beauty.
The team discovered two skull fragments in Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas in 2008.
Back on solid ground, we set off to climb the mountain roads into Big Bend National Park, a million-acre wilderness named after the curve in the Rio Grande.
A bucket brigade of volunteers met a Service fish transportation truck near Rio Grande Village, one of four release sites in and near Big Bend National Park.
In 1971, the original partial skeleton--consisting only of the bones of one wing--was discovered at Big Bend National Park in Texas.
Alabama, Arkansas, Big Bend National Park, California, Denali National Park, the Great Salt Lake, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Winnipeg, Mississippi, the Missouri River, Nevada, Texas
We're trekking into the canyons and deserts of Big Bend National Park in Texas.
The dusty ranch town of Marfa, TX, has long been a destination for James Dean fans (the movie Giant was shot there) and nature lovers exploring Big Bend National Park.