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clock in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, London

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The clock takes its name from Big Ben, the bell inside the 316 ft tower which was completed in the 1850s.
At question time Mr Hollobone asked: "Given that it uses just 5 per cent of the electricity of normal bulbs, hardly ever needs replacing and contains no mercury so then can be recycled, have the authorities given any consideration to lighting Big Ben with LED technology?
It's not the end of Big Ben or the famous bongs, but they're very different.
Big Ben is named after Benjamin Hall, former MP for Monmouth and first Baron Llanover, who was commissioner of works at the time it was built.
With a nod to the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Big Ben is Cray XT3 serial #1 -- the newest stage in the evolution of high-performance computing technology and a major boost for computational science in the United States.
The New Year in Cardiff will be ushered in by the chimes of Big Ben because of repairs to the City Hall clock.
VENTURA- The Atlanta Falcons' NFL teams of the 1970s dubbed their version of the Hail Mary deep pass Big Ben.
Included in its product line are some of the world's best-known games and puzzles including: CANDY LAND, the MONOPOLY game, SCRABBLE Brand Crossword Game, the TRIVIAL PURSUIT game YAHTZEE, TWISTER, GAME OF LIFE, and BIG BEN Puzzles.
THERE'S talk that Big Ben will soon be called the Elizabeth Tower - and the name does ring a bell.
With funding from the National Science Foundation, Big Ben will support scientists and engineers nationwide in many areas of research, including high-energy physics, nanotechnology, turbulence, protein dynamics studies that lead to new therapeutic drugs, modeling of earthquake soil- vibration, and severe storm forecasting.
BRITISH warships and London landmark Big Ben were targeted for attack by al-Qaeda fanatics, it emerged yesterday.
Big Ben is due to be given its twice-yearly overhaul this weekend when the clocks go forward from Greenwich Mean Time to British Summer Time.
AN MP who complained about the lack of clocks in Parliament's new multi-million pound offices opposite Big Ben was yesterday told to "look out of the window".
The BBC came fifth and Big Ben sixth, while fish and chips, Yorkshire puddings and our beautiful, rolling countryside also made the top 10.
Summary: Landmarks such as the Sydney's Opera House, and Big Ben temporarily went dark as nations dimmed the lights for Earth Hour 2010.
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