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Synonyms for zaftig

well-rounded and full in form

Synonyms for zaftig

(of a female body) healthily plump and vigorous


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She said: "I'd gained so much confi-dence that I entered Miss Big Beautiful Woman.
The proud member of the Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) club, she gave up her 15000 pounds-a-year job as a night security guard when she discovered that thousands men were willing to pay to watch BBW's eat.
Big Beautiful Woman is the result of David expressing his own ideas and, for the first time, working without a commercial design brief.
It's been a long battle but department stores are finally stocking, taking their plus sizes out of the basement, by the pipes, and putting them where they're accessible,'' said Janey Milstead, editor in chief of BBW or Big Beautiful Woman, which was founded in Encino in 1978.