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(Norse mythology) the heavenly dwelling of the Norse gods (the Aesir) and slain war heroes

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At the closing date, for each series, Bifrost will enter into twelve mezzanine credit default swaps with BNP Paribas (rated 'AA/F1+', Rating Outlook Stable by Fitch), under which it will provide notional protection on a reference portfolio of 100 corporate entities, with a total notional value of EUR5 billion.
Fitch Ratings, the international rating agency, has assigned final ratings to Bifrost Investments Limited's (Bifrost) unfunded obligations as follows:
Built upon Identity and Access Management (IAM), Identity and Access Governance (IAG) and Cloud Security technologies from NetIQ, EVRY's BIFROST Cloud Security platform received this prestigious award during the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013 held recently in Munich, Germany.
At the closing date, Bifrost will enter into two mezzanine credit default swaps with BNP Paribas (rated 'AA/F1+' with a Stable Rating Outlook by Fitch), under which it provides notional protection on a reference portfolio of 100 corporate entities with a total notional value of EUR5,000,000,000.
Cantwelll notes that BiFrost is a sort of rarity, a golden winter beer.
In 1992, the project called BIFROST (Baseline Inferences for Fennoscandian Rebound Observations, Sea-level and Tectonics) was created (Fig.
Herdis (constitutional law and human rights, Bifrost School of Business, Iceland) explores the meaning and significance of the freedom as expressed in the article not only in relation to the Convention itself, but also in the context of the jurisprudence and objectives of overall human rights.
The recycled car tyres used to clad the Environmental Education Centre in Pennsylvania (p52) and the ribbed copper cladding of the new Business School in Bifrost, designed by Studio Granda (p82), both create skins that act as emphatic signs; signs that assertively announce the function of one building and register the setting of the other.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently reported that the Arborg, Manitoba-based Arborg Bifrost Community Development Corporation is hoping to commence construction on a new biodiesel production plant, as well six "batch plants" across the province, later this year.
Economics of Biofuels - Impact of Biofuels - Metamorphosis of the Energy Industry & Biofuels - Looking at Canada's Energy Industry - Overview of Canada's Energy Industry - Analyzing the Oil Market in Canada - Analyzing the Natural Gas Market in Canada - Analyzing Canada's Electricity Market - Analyzing Canada's Coal Industry - Nuclear Power in Canada - Analyzing Canada's Biofuel Industry - Industry Overview - Analyzing the Ethanol Industry in Canada - Analyzing the Biodiesel Industry in Canada - Economic of Biofuels in Canada - Case Study: Cellulosic Feedstock - Future of Ethanol in Canada - Leading Industry Contributors Companies Mentioned: - Agricore United - BBI Biofuels - Bifrost Bio-Diesel - BIOX Corporation - Bunge Canada - Canada Clean Fuels Inc.
In Marvel Contest of Champions, players fight their way to the top in iconic locations from the Marvel Universe, including Avengers Tower, the Asgardian Bifrost, S.
David Day in Tolkien's Ring (35) and Marjorie Burns in her Perilous Realms (58-59) point out that Tolkien's bridge is closely related to Bifrost, the rainbow bridge of Norse mythology, across which the fire giant Surt comes to battle Freyr in the battle of Ragnarok.
Studio Granda's latest building for Bifrost University draws deeply and intelligently on this tradition.
Freedom of the press is relatively well established in the advanced democracies, however Thorgeirdottir (law, Bifrost School of Business, Iceland) argues that a positive understanding of press freedom is needed to ensure fulfillment of its role in democracy-in the era of concentrated media ownership and the phenomena of market regulation and self regulation.