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(Norse mythology) the heavenly dwelling of the Norse gods (the Aesir) and slain war heroes

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CREDITS: A Sony Pictures Classics release of a BiFrost Pictures, Crescendo Prods.
2010, Recent results based on continuous GPS observations of the GIA process in Fennoscandia from BIFROST.
Digital Vision will bring its latest post-production, restoration and archive tools to BroadcastAsia2014, providing the launch in the Asia Pacific region of the Bifrost Archive Bridge that provides streamlined archive workflow tools.
BiFrost Pictures told The Associated Press on Wednesday that it will finance and produce ''Kill the Trumpet Player,'' with Cheadle also making his directorial debut.
We can imagine a congregation that comes to the church on horseback, bringing cattle with them for a feast as Pope Gregory suggests, bells from the church sounding down the valley, perhaps with the bifrost glowing over the mountains reminding that there is a road to Asgard.
The Bifrost can also be upgraded, so if USB or processor technology changes, Schiit can install an update.
The program, dubbed Project Bifrost, which was initiated by Research Lead Tabitha Smith (Strategic Officer of General Propulsion Science) and Brad Appel (Program Manager of Nuclear Propulsion at General Propulsion Science) identifies fission as a crucial stepping-stone technology towards the next generation of space travel, and will take steps to advance the technological maturity of NTRs.
of Seattle, WA, has released its annual Bifrost Ale.
In 1992, the project called BIFROST (Baseline Inferences for Fennoscandian Rebound Observations, Sea-level and Tectonics) was created (Fig.
A tool made by researchers, Bifrost Inbox Organizer, categorizes the inbox itself using a predefined rule set.
Herdis (constitutional law and human rights, Bifrost School of Business, Iceland) explores the meaning and significance of the freedom as expressed in the article not only in relation to the Convention itself, but also in the context of the jurisprudence and objectives of overall human rights.
The operator has recently relocated transmitters in Bifrost in order to boost the connection there and has installed new transmitters in Akranes, improving the GSM system in West Iceland.
The recycled car tyres used to clad the Environmental Education Centre in Pennsylvania (p52) and the ribbed copper cladding of the new Business School in Bifrost, designed by Studio Granda (p82), both create skins that act as emphatic signs; signs that assertively announce the function of one building and register the setting of the other.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently reported that the Arborg, Manitoba-based Arborg Bifrost Community Development Corporation is hoping to commence construction on a new biodiesel production plant, as well six "batch plants" across the province, later this year.