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(Roman mythology) the Roman god of doorways and passages

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The scallop Equichlamys bifrons was collected with and kept in the same conditions as P.
Y este ego bifrons nos remite igualmente a todas las ambivalencias de la identidad que recorren su poesia, especialmente desde Moralidades.
I see this at work in Conte de l'amour bifrons, for example, where you express a "nostalgia for the absolute," and in Le Complexe de Caliban, where you claim that one only writes from a position of loss.
La Fortuna bifrons en el teatro del Siglo de Oro, Santander, Sociedad Menendez Pelayo, 1975.
il s'annonce comme un janus bifrons, un etre double, en se forgeant ce nom bizarre qu'est Blanco White: deux modalites de le meme chose, du meme etre.
Cambridge 1882)--bo-ne; Bathyphantes gracilis (Blackwall 1841)--bo-ne; Carorita limnaea (Crosby & Bishop 1927)--bo; Centromerus sylvaticus (Blackwall 1841)--bone; Cnephalocotes obscurus (Blackwall 1834)--bo-ne; Collinsia holmgreni (Thorell 1872)--hybo; Diplocentria bidentata (Emerton 1882)-- bo-ne; Diplocentria rectangulata (Emerton 1915)--bo; Dismodicus bifrons (Blackwall 1841)--bo-ne; Erigone arctica (White 1852)--ar-bo-mo, represented by series of subspecies, none of which has Holarctic range; E.
Diet breadth varies considerably between the species: among the species feeding on Apiaceae, the food plant spectrum ranges from a single host in Oreina gloriosa (Peucedanum ostruthium, Peucedaneae), to two hosts of different tribes in Oreina bifrons (Chaerophyllum hirsutum, Scandiceae and Peucedanum ostruthium, Peucedaneae), and to Apiaceae from as many as three different tribes (Oreina speciosa and Oreina variabilis, feeding [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 2 OMITTED] on several Apieae, Peucedaneae and Scandiceae).
But Harold Bloom's reading of the epigraph from Genesis implies that like Kierkegaard, who once declared himself a Janus bifrons (Journals, entry 140 [47]), Philip Roth laughs with one face and weeps with the other.
Expressionism was defined by various experts as a Janus bifrons, having two sides: one dark and precipitous and another confident and beaming.
bifrons, Dimya pamplonensis and indeterminate ostreoids, the barnacle Arcoscalpellum sp.
To determine whether the ligament resilience, ligament opening force, and force deployed by the phasic and tonic adductor muscles varied with escape response strategies and shell morphology, these properties were compared in scallops (Amusium balloti, Placopecten magellanicus, Equichlamys bifrons, Pecten fumatus, Mimachlamys asperrima, and Crassadoma gigantea) with differing life habits and morphologies.
Vertical distribution correlates with pressure tolerances of cleaving embryos in the deep-sea asteroid Plutonaster bifrons.
5 241 Lecithotrophic Bathypecten vexillum 3 170 Cyclopecten ambiannulatus 3 160 Echichlamys bifrons 16 185 Hyalopecten frigidus 3 220 Parvamissium decoratum 3 140 Parvamissium fenestratum 3 180 Parvamissium lucidum 3 170 Similipecten similis 3 135 Asterisk represents an average value.