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a small pendant fleshy lobe at the back of the soft palate

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Simian cizgisi, hipertelorizm, dusuk kulak, skin tag, yuksek damak, bifid uvula, timus displazisi, umblikal veya inguinal herni, malrotasyon, megakolon, diastasis rekti, renal anomalilerden atnali bobrek, renal ektopi, veya agenezi, hidronefroz, ekstremite anomalilerinden klinodaktili, talipes ekinovarus, pes planus, sindaktili ve eklemlerde gevseklik gorulebilir (9).
Bifid uvula occurs in I of 80 patients and often occurs in isolation.
1] However, an adenoidectomy performed in a patient with a palatal abnormality-- such as a short soft palate, a bifid uvula, or a submucosal cleft palate--can cause velopharyngeal insufficiency.
A superior adenoidectomy was performed on patients who had a short soft palate, a bifid uvula, a submucosal cleft palate, or preoperative evidence of impaired palatal mobility.
He took a closer look at Sam's floppiness and noticed his bifid uvula (a cleft in the soft hanging structure at the back of the throat) and small head.