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tavern with an outdoor area (usually resembling a garden) where beer and other alcoholic drinks are served

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The first Wolff's Biergarten opened in Albany, NY, about five years ago and its Teutonic reputation has grown.
There are also plans to expand the biergarten and the company's retail line.
Sharapova, who was in town for the Porsche Grand Prix, was all smiles while touring the biergarten and riding festival rides like the Ferris wheel.
The catalog features new additions to the Micro Matic draft tower portfolio, including the Titan and Biergarten tower series, with an "oversized brewery pipe look.
In Paderborn we will meet in the Paderborner Brauhaus Restaurant & Biergarten before and after the game and in Bochum before the game in the Alten Brauhaus Rietkotte.
Here in Texas, he is probably best known as the proprietor of Sengelmann Hall, an 1980s dance hall, saloon, and Biergarten in Schulenburg, Texas, that was shuttered for decades before Harper restored it in 2009.
For 19th century German-Americans, it was often the local biergarten, and others gathered, met friends, traded news and gossiped in the local town square.
Mind you, as your partner is a footie fan, he might prefer the hotel's Biergarten, a German themed beer garden where staff dressed in dirndl costumes, serve ice-cold Erdinger Weissbier and traditional German cuisine.
In addition to a Biergarten within the convention hall, there was also an opportunity to fide a Segway Human Transporter through a short course.
At the time of writing, a plan is under consideration to install a large screen in the Airbraeu Biergarten, but this may not go ahead due to the very strict security standards surrounding the games.
Lowenbrau is positioning itself as a German biergarten in a bottle.
In England and Ireland, the third place is the pub; in France, it's the sidewalk cafe or bistro; and in Germany, it's the biergarten.
Not to be overlooked is their famous self-service Biergarten.
He insists that his biergarten is a place for working people to kick their shoes off, even sing if they want to.
Biergarten Mirkovic (about 170 ha) always including the necessary surveying works in the precision class designed for Reconstruction cat.