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a coffin along with its stand

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a stand to support a corpse or a coffin prior to burial

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Zoom out, Ban and Hidalgo talking to owners of the Cafe Bonne Biere
Biere Club's mango beer, a summer special, gets rave reviews and Toit's festive beer, Pataka Ale, puts the sparkle into Diwali, say regulars.
Biere optimized financial structures, drove profitability, shaped corporate development and strategy and created organizational sustainability.
With the start of operations of the twin data center in Biere in 2014, the IT and telecommunications Group will satisfy the rapidly growing global demand for cloud services.
Filled with local skiers and families, it's not for those who like to go to bed at dawn, but perfect for a few days of mastering the moguls or chilling out on the easy slopes, before topping it off with a biere and croque monsieur.
Biere has hunted out of his boat blind on the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers with great success.
Atlantic Biere Artisanal au Pineau des Charentes (4.
La Goudale is the embodiment of the biere de garde, or "beer for storage," style indigenous to France.
L'auteure a retenu pour ligne directrice la variable temporelle a l'oeuvre dans les pubs, variable que l'on peut qualifier de centrale pour la comprehension de ces lieux de consommation de biere et de sociabilite.
Lumera has proprietary nanotechnology products that are aimed at serving the needs of very large commercial marketplaces," said Lumera Chief Financial Officer Peter Biere.
Mark Arends does well in his appointed role of self-deluding husband and man of strength, Gabrielle Drake's Countess de la Biere adds a welcome touch of the sophisticated exotic, and Ruta Gedmintas - the beautiful love interest - is totally convincing.
The panel includes Peter Biere of Lumera Corporation, Robert George of Esterline Technologies, and Michael J.
Sainsbury wants booze cruisers visiting its Calais wine store to have some genuine French fun after they've stocked up on cut price vin and biere.
Jade Biere, which the Oxford Bottled Beer Database describes as "hazy, pale and golden-colored," with a "bubbly and tenacious head" and a "honey aroma with a hint of floral hops," comes from France.