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United States writer of caustic wit (1842-1914)

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We can imagine Bierce telegraphing to the reader, with cruelly absurd logic, that because he makes such an idiotic remark about hanging he ends up actually being hanged.
Though Bierce does not suggest Madwell forsees a similar fate befalling his friend, perhaps while still alive, we are led to imagine that horrifying prospect ourselves.
Ambrose Bierce said that war was "God's way of teaching Americans geography.
beauty, was a confidante of Ambrose Bierce and a source of romantic
By Eric S Margolis/New York The wicked 19th century American cynic Ambrose Bierce defined diplomacy in his "Devil's Dictionary" as "the patriotic art of lying for one's country".
In fact, it is a wonder that Mark Twain is not a more major player here, along with later writers such as Ambrose Bierce and to a certain extent William Dean Howells.
It was reminiscent of the stinging review of an Oscar Wilde lecture by Ambrose Bierce, who wrote that Wilde was a "gawky gowk" who "wanders about posing as a statue of himself.
AMBROSE BIERCE'S WRITE IT RIGHT: THE CELEBRATED CYNIC'S LANGUAGE PEEVES DECIPHERED, APPRAISED, AND ANNOTATED FOR 21ST CENTURY READERS comes from a popular online lexicographer with a talent for wit and satire: one Ambrose Bierce.
Among many businesses who have already benefited from the scheme are Lowestoft's new business Gaoh Energy Ltd and Bierce Technical Services Ltd, from Huntingdon.
Berkove, in a comparative analysis of Twain and Ambrose Bierce, finds more than a few startling similarities between the two humorists.
Author Ambrose Bierce said: 'The sure sign of insanity is to do the same things and expect different results'.
Our city leaders are acting the same way Bierce predicted and still expecting different results.
Following an introduction to the significance of his works and themes and a biographical sketch, critical contexts (including a perspective from The Paris Review) focus on his times, period critics' reception of his works, his conception of manhood, and Twain and Ambrose Bierce as rival social critics.
Ambrose Bierce in The San Francisco Examiner, November, 1888
3) His wife, Sarah Cordelia Bierce Scarborough (1851-1933), who was of Caucasian descent, was fluent in French and helped Scarborough translate Racine's Iphigenie (1674), which "proved to be such an interesting study [to him] that in a later paper [he] extended [his] research to include Goethe's representation of the same heroine.