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United States writer of caustic wit (1842-1914)

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The action process "go soldiering" at the end of this passage is meaningful, indicating that it is the cruelty of war itself that Bierce is concerned with.
Coleman, who writes about American history and culture, as well as military history, describes the life of Ambrose Bierce during his service in the Civil War in the Ninth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and how his experiences influenced his transition from youth into adulthood and affected his writing.
In his "No Matter what the Actual Hour May Be: Time Manipulation in the Works of Ambrose Bierce" Juhasz analyzes four different cases of time manipulation in several of Bierce's stories and notes that Bierce has not received the deserved attention as an insightful analyst of the possibilities of time distortion and that prominent critical works dealing with representations of time in literature neglected Bierce (e.
Though Bierce does not suggest Madwell forsees a similar fate befalling his friend, perhaps while still alive, we are led to imagine that horrifying prospect ourselves.
To make or craft war on the page, Bierce attempted to capture the true visceral, almost photojournalistic quality of war.
There was a publicity buildup about what my screen name would be," recounted Bierce.
El politico americano debe ser una especie de santo, amantisimo esposo y padre, atleta, ir a los oficios todos los domingos y ser por encima de todo un patriota (capaz de volar el mundo en pedazos siempre y cuando eso convenga a los intereses norteamericanos) ignorando lo que dijo, creo que fue Ambrose Bierce, que "el patriotismo es el ultimo refugio de los pillos".
Texto de Ambrose Bierce, tomado de Probaditas literarias de la Coleccion Algarabia.
Loosely based on the disappearance of journalist Ambrose Bierce in Mexico in 1913, The Old Gringo was the first novel by a Mexican writer to appear on the New York Times best seller list.
AMBROSE BIERCE'S WRITE IT RIGHT: THE CELEBRATED CYNIC'S LANGUAGE PEEVES DECIPHERED, APPRAISED, AND ANNOTATED FOR 21ST CENTURY READERS comes from a popular online lexicographer with a talent for wit and satire: one Ambrose Bierce.
American writer Ambrose Bierce had said, "In each human heart are a tiger, a pig, an ass and a nightingale.
En 1889, tan solo seis anos despues, el hijo mayor de Bierce encuentra a su amante, la voluptuosa Eva Atkins, en la cama con su mejor amigo, Neil Hubbs, les dispara a los dos y, luego, se suicida.
The idea is to modernize Ambrose Bierce, coming up with a more contemporary and cutting-edge collection of definitions.
Among many businesses who have already benefited from the scheme are Lowestoft's new business Gaoh Energy Ltd and Bierce Technical Services Ltd, from Huntingdon.
Berkove, in a comparative analysis of Twain and Ambrose Bierce, finds more than a few startling similarities between the two humorists.