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Synonyms for plant

Synonyms for plant

a building or complex in which an industry is located

to put (seeds) into the ground for growth


to put or keep out of sight

Synonyms for plant

(botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion

an actor situated in the audience whose acting is rehearsed but seems spontaneous to the audience

something planted secretly for discovery by another

put or set (seeds, seedlings, or plants) into the ground

fix or set securely or deeply

place into a river

place something or someone in a certain position in order to secretly observe or deceive

put firmly in the mind

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Regulation of reproductive success in Hydrophyllum appendiculatum, a biennial plant.
It can be difficult to start off from seed, but will usually self-seed once it's established, as will most biennial plants.
Ecology and genetics of reproductive timing in facultative biennial plants.
Contract notice: Acquisition of annual and biennial plants for the flowering of the town of lens.
The biennial Plants Asset Management Exhibition, co-located alongside; Drives & Controls, Smart Industry, Air-Tech and Fluid Power & Systems Exhibitions--is once again set to return to Birmingham's NEC (Halls 8, 9 and 10) from 10-12th April 2018, alongside MACH 2018.
Beets are biennial plants that produce flowers and seeds in their second year, following exposure to cold weather.
Biennial plants continue to grow throughout the winter, but in their rosette stage they will suffer if covered in wet leaves, so have a good tidy-up.
These tall biennial plants are covered in sweetly scented mauve flowers, sometimes white ones too, and are a valuable plant to poke in groups of three or five towards the back of the border.
While baby bedding is certainly a costeffective way of purchasing those halfhardy annual plants there's nothing quite like that sense of satisfaction that comes from growing these and other annuals and biennial plants from seed yourself.