silver perch

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Synonyms for silver perch

small silvery drumfish often mistaken for white perch

small silvery food and game fish of eastern United States streams

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9%) para el CDA de la MS de diferentes tipos de harina de pescado en la perca plateada australiana Bidyanus bidyanus.
Influence of light intensity and wavelength on phototactic behaviour of larval silver perch Bidyanus bidyanus and golden perch Macquaria ambigua and the effectiveness of light traps.
Carbohydrate utilisation by juvenile silver perch Bidyanus bidyanus (Mitchell): III.
Some robust osmoregulators such as silver perch Bidyanus bidyanus (11), (12) and rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss (11) grow well in non-chemically modified inland saline groundwater.
midae, but a positive relationship between dietary protein content and ammonia excretion has been shown for the red drum Sciaenops oeellatus (Webb & Gatlin 2003), Australian short-finned eel Anguilla australis australis (Engin & Carter 2001) and silver perch Bidyanus bidyanus (Yang et al.