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an antihypertensive drug (trade name Apresoline) that dilates blood vessels

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I argue that BiDil should be understood to form part of a larger political paradigm within which social inequalities get displaced onto science as a separate and apolitical sphere.
For example, how did the media handle the controversy that emerged around the BiDil clinical trials?
Two large heart failure studies using two distinct formulations showed different results in decreasing mortality, only BiDil has shown significant reductions in death and hospitalization in black heart failure patients, as seen in A-HeFT.
But it's still unclear whether BiDil works better for Blacks than whites--largely because the manufacturer is decidedly uninterested in that particular question.
US FDA approves BiDil heart failure drug for African-American patients, Jun 23 2005 http://www.
The FDA reports the approval of BiDil was based in part on the results of the African-American Heart Failure Trial (A-HeFT).
Many physicians hail BiDil, which is produced by NitroMed in Lexington, Mass.
The trial was stopped prematurely in July 2004 after analysis showed death rates in those receiving BiDil were 43 percent lower than those receiving placebo.
The good news is that clinical findings indicate that BiDil appears to be effective in treating heart failure.
BiDil accounted for all revenues for the quarter and year ended December 31, 2008.
A brief exploration of how the commercial interests influenced the presentation and marketing of BiDil serves as an interesting case study.
Although the Food and Drug Administration approved BiDil in 2005, the use of BiDil in Black patients with chronic heart failure is still in single digits.
Despite the strongly positive primary results of A-HeFT and subsequent Food and Drug Administration approval of BiDil for use in African Americans with moderate to severe heart failure, many physicians have been leery of using the combination.
WASHINGTON -- Drugs like BiDil that target a particular racial or ethnic group do not represent the best approach for looking at health disparities, Dr.
Food and Drug Administration in June, BiDil, the first drug marketed specifically for treatment of heart failure among African Americans, has aroused suspicion about its safety and set off a debate about attitudes surrounding race and medical research.