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Biden is delivering the White House's weekly radio and Internet address in place of President Barack Obama, who was traveling this week.
The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Biden talked about Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act public exchange enrollment efforts at a private event in Minneapolis.
During the meeting at the White House, Aso told Biden that while it is difficult to understand what North Korea's intentions are, Japan cannot accept North Korea as a nuclear state, the official said.
If the two men fought to a draw -- as conflicting post-debate polls seem to suggest -- that counts as a win for Biden and his boss, Democratic President Barack Obama, who needed to stop the bleeding after his lackluster debate performance last week against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.
Chengdu, China: Vice President Joe Biden repeated a message of reassurance to the Chinese that their investment in U.
US Vice President Joe Biden has had to convince a sceptical Jay Leno that America did not get a raw deal from Russia in the biggest spy swap since the Cold War.
US Vice President Joe Biden said on Sunday ahead of a tour of the Middle East that Iran "has not proved the peaceful nature of its nuclear program, and hasn't given the international community reason to trust it," according to a report in the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT on Monday.
Biden rightly countered that skilled FBI interrogators ''got all the information they could get from him prior to him going silent'' and noted that Abdulmutallab has continued to cooperate.
Jean Biden, who raised her son to believe in what he called "America's creed.
Fighters have fired mortars at Baghdad's fortified Green Zone government district, just hours after Joe Biden, the US vice-president, arrived in the capital for an unannounced visit.
US Vice-President Joseph Biden visited Iraq on July 2-5 and prodded its leaders to settle internal disputes over oil revenues and political power-sharing.
Vice President Joe Biden promised a sharp break from the go-it-alone policies of the Bush era in a major speech at the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Saturday, saying it was time to
Biden has been a consistent supporter of the Brady Campaign, and.
The letter observed that Biden said that he "accept[ed] the Church's teaching that life begins at conceptionas a matter of faith.