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As measured by the "Freedom Index," this magazine's congressional scorecard based on the Constitution, Biden has earned a score of 19 percent in the current Congress (to date), not much better than Obama's score of 13 percent.
In his Meet the Press appearance, Biden was asked the same question Pelosi was by moderator Tom Brokaw: what advice would you give to Sen.
Israel's Army Radio cited Senator Biden as telling Israeli officials in 2005 that sooner or later "they would have to reconcile themselves to the reality of a nuclear-armed Iran.
The Army Radio, without naming a source, also quoted Biden as saying that he opposed "opening an additional military and diplomatic front.
28, Zunes wrote: "Most significantly, however, Biden, who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the lead-up to the Iraq war during the latter half of 2002, was perhaps the single-most important congressional backer of the George W Bush administration's decision to invade that oil-rich country.
But by now, you have surely forgotten that this took place on the very day Biden announced his race for president, the reporter who received it was from the New York Observer -- and that Biden appeared that night on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.
Four days later on February 25, Senator Biden joked about this incident during a "conversation" moderated by CBS News Anchor Katie Couric at the Council on Foreign Relations.
Some potential candidates play coy about running for president, but Biden was straightforward, indicating that it is his present intention to seek the nomination.
The Biden bill failed to make it through the last Congress after protests from ravers and business owners.
Sunnyvale, California - the city that inspired "reinventing government" - was offered $450,000 in Biden dollars.
Applied Digital (NASDAQ: ADSX), a provider of Security Through Innovation(TM), announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, VeriChip Corporation, has retained Oldaker, Biden & Belair and DCI Group to join its Washington team.
After opting out of the presidential race in 2016, former Vice President Joe Biden told longtime foreign policy aides in a private meeting Saturday that he is open to running for the oval office in 2020.
Jill Biden has arrived in Blantyre, Malawi as part of her three-country visit to Africa to engage government and civil society partners on issues related to economic empowerment and educational opportunities for women and girls, and food security.
He added that Clinton's views can be well distinguished from the platforms of her competitors, like Biden.
Washington: Beau Biden, the eldest son of US Vice President Joe Biden and the former attorney general of Delaware, has died of brain cancer, his family announced Saturday.