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a rack for parking bicycles

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Tenders are invited for Provision Bicycle Stand, Tiling, Fencing And Main Gate At Lalgarh Jattan Mil Stn
Development of the area including in particular: a fence with a gate and a gate, a shelter for placement of waste containers, parking and pedestrian areas, greenery, landscaping elements, bicycle stand, outdoor lighting area and the building, the outer plaque.
Landscaping and sports ground construction- Clearing terrain surfaces approximately 2500 mA,- Drainage: Basic lines approximately 270 m, mines about 9 pieces,- Surface Drainage: Gutters and single enemas,- Concrete cantilever wall property line about 45 mA,- Concrete plinth wall about 22 mA,- Prefabricated Garages 2 pieces,- Perimeter fences about 60 m and Parking equipment 2 pieces,- Concrete pavements with frame approx 3500 mA,- Sports surfaces with KunsstoffbelEngen approximately 1600 mA,- Beach volleyball court, long jump pit, Newton~s plate,- Equipment for outdoor sports facilities,- For equipment with installation, benches, bicycle stands and bollards,- Tree planting about 15 pieces,- Hedges, shrubs and perennials planted about 1 500 pieces,- Seeding approximately 1 650 mA.
8 m, 80 m road marking; various facilities such as waste bins, bicycle stands, balustrades, fencing, rubbish dump containment, drip rails, handrails, steel staircases, boulders, rundbEnnke.
Outdoor facilities (erosion / order approximately 3 000 cubic meters; way - concrete paving approximately 500 mA; streets - interlocking paving approximately 3000 mA, parking, yards - interlocking paving stones approx 1000 mA, sewage systems - storage sewer DN 1500 about 55 m , RW basic lines about 500 m, facade gutters, gutters, manholes, power installations - cable trench approximately 500 m; General internals - bollard 15 pcs, bicycle stands approx 16 pcs; topsoil work - topsoil installation about 300 mA; vegetation Technical tillage ca .
1 (construction of access and escape routes, retaining walls, the courtyard and the garden areas including equipment) : - Approx 270 sqm plate coverings including base layers; : - About 115 sqm pavements including base layers; : - 120 m mounts; : - 60 m precast concrete elements (L-elements Hochbeeteinfassungen); : - Approx 220 sqm DrEnnagebahnen to eaves space; : - 200 sqm finished planting areas including provisions and developing care; : Features: Package box, supply cabinet, recyclable enclosure, hand rail, bicycle stands, ashtrays.
All mosques will also have designated spots for the Imam (the one who leads the prayer), the Muezzin (the one who calls to prayer), disabled persons, and civil defence officials, as well as a number of bicycle stands," he added.
Council staff found that rails and bicycle stands at the site had been loosened and left ready for unscrupulous thieves to remove later.
Council staff recently interrupted a suspected potential theft when they found rails and bicycle stands at Panama skate park in Whitley Bay had been loosened and left ready for unscrupulous thieves to remove later.
Vinay Chandra, circle officer of Chowk Police Station, said that three of the accused -- Amit Kumar Pandey, Mayank Dwivedi and Alok Dwivedi -- were, in fact, manning the bicycle stands of some government hospitals touch the " elite racket," first with to used stations poor anything 100," draw saline hospitals before they got in touch with people linked with the adulterated blood trade.
3) An antique penny-farthing bicycle stands on display at the Fitchburg Historical Society's recent "Cycling Around Fitchburg" exhibit at the Phoenix Building.
In a world where an object's contribution to mankind's progress is measured by how much effort it spares us (think of cars, dishwashers, remote controls for switching TV channels if Rocky V suddenly appears on TV), the bicycle stands as a monument to the virtues of running up a sweat.
RESIDENTS are demanding the removal of bicycle stands they claim are attracting intimidating groups of swearing youths.
Companies are being urged to take the initiative by such measures as putting up bicycle stands and encouraging car-sharing policies.
Wall Urban Design conceptualizes and manufacturers urban furniture and fixtures including outdoor bicycle stands, toilets for outdoor parks, city trash cans, street signs and bus shelters.