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the sport of traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle

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A number of activities, including bicycle riding, marathon, pulling of a rope and several other activities were witnessed at the event.
Sa'ad added that people who are sceptical that Doha, with its scorching heat and high humidity levels, is a suitable location for a city which wants to turn cycling into a popular practice, should adopt a different attitude, especially considering that the weather is pleasant enough for bicycle riding at least six months of the year.
And though bicycle riding is not extremely popular in the Kingdom (it might have something to do with the weather) at least bike riders aren't looked at with scorn - at least until they swerve in front of your SUV.
Compiled and edited by bicycling enthusiast Jim Joyce (founder of The Bicycle Exchange), "The Bicycle Book: Wit, Wisdom & Wanderings" is a collection of original stories, narratives, and cartoons with the theme of bicycle riding.
BURBANK - Bob Wong was 54 and a year away from retirement as a Lockheed engineer when he took up bicycle riding for his health.
However, bicycle riding does not cause motorcycle riding, and increases in the former will not lead automatically to increases in the latter.
Featuring tips from the League of American Bicyclists, Ready to Pedal prepares riders for safe and fun bicycle riding through expert content from industry veterans with professional quality, in-depth visual instruction.
Tombura Yambio Diocese embarks on bicycle riding annually because it brings together different categories of people to participate in sports activities, despite their positions and ethnicity in order to promote peace in the community, said the Bishop.