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the sport of traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle

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In order to recover a properly aesthetic space for the bicycle figure, particularly in the work he completed during those strikingly productive years in Paris, we will need, first, to reconsider Hemingway's interest in cycling; and secondly, acknowledge those artists and intellectuals in Paris who turned to the bicycle and bicycle racing when working through the representational challenges of motion, speed, and the so-called fourth dimension.
1 team in Oregon for 2014 by the state bicycle racing association.
And when you do have an edge in a competitive industry like racing, people notice very quickly What happens in bicycle racing, he explains, is instantly known by enthusiasts around the world who follow race results on the Internet.
Many local residents may not know that bicycle racing takes place every weekend right here in the Valley.
This autobiography follow's Obree's life and career, beginning with his childhood and discussing his bicycle racing development, business ventures, and professional speed racing career, primarily in 1990s Europe.
Michael MacIntyre, Professor at Wayne State University, responded that he always thought Paull turned to state tax analysis to relieve the stress of bicycle racing.
The government should cut mandated payments by local governments of part of their ''keirin'' racing revenues to a bicycle racing body to salvage their public gambling businesses nationwide.
In a country where bicycle racing remains an underdog sport, the Nevada City Bicycle Classic, the second-oldest road race in the United States, attracts the kinds of crowds you'd expect to find in the final stage of the Tour de France.
Reynolds, an AA Pro BMX Racer, is ranked in the top 20 athletes on the bicycle racing circuit.
Since Pierre is an avid devotee of European bicycle racing, he interrupts his research on the former king to interview two retired champions of recent races.
has dropped its six-year sponsorship of a top bicycle racing team, team director Len Pettyjohn said.
Bicycle racing is a team sport, and every team has a "leader.
Cyclists must be an Oregon Bicycle Racing Association member (one-day memberships are $2 during the online registration process).
For the record, I have never been a fan of synchronized swimming, rowing, steeplechase (sorry Mitt and Ann Romney), bicycle racing, soccer, or anything named polo.
PALMDALE - Nineteen-year-old Bubba Harris began his bicycle racing career after his parents took him to a racetrack on his seventh birthday.