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measuring instrument designed to measure power

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6% had acute coronary syndrome with inferior ST segment elevation (STE-ACS); the control group (n = 25) was 40% NSTE-ACS, 32% STE-ACS anterior and 28% STE-ACS inferior, and the bicycle ergometer group was 37.
In the research on aerobic and anaerobic reactions of male and females to rope jumping, 6 male and 6 female objects were subjected to maximal bicycle ergometer and rope jumping exercise where 120, 140 and 160 jumps were realized in one minute.
Individuals in this group walked for a minimum of 1 mile per week and also exercised twice a week on the FES bicycle ergometer.
All patients exercised on a bicycle ergometer with a starting workload of 50 W, increasing every 2 min by 25 W.
All participants performed a submaximal bicycle ergometer test during which heart rate and minute ventilation were measured simultaneously at increasing cycling intensity.
In a recent study, 15 men and women were randomized to either a placebo nose strip or an active nose strip and exercised to exhaustion on a bicycle ergometer.
The Velotron -- A bicycle ergometer that analyzes power output, revolution by revolution, to increases pedaling efficiency and endurance.
Such as Electric time markers 100/sec, Tuning fork, Volume recorder, Mary s Tambour, Smoking outfit with fume cupboard, Varnishing outfit, Anaesthesia boxes, Surgical instruments, Demonstrations eye piece, Double Demonstration eye piece, Van Slyko s apparatus manometric, Douglas bag, Erogograph mosse s, Knee Hammer, Bicycle ergometer, Tuning forks to test hearing 32-10,000 cps(sets), Instrument Trolley, Stop watches, Electronic
max]) was determined using a bicycle ergometer (75XLIII; Combi Wellness, Tokyo, Japan).
Then patients were randomly allocated to either the linear or the stepwise exercise testing protocol (we concealed allocation by having patients draw lots) and performed the exercise test on a bicycle ergometer with continuous monitoring of cardiorespiratory variables.
Previously Cambridge Heart recommended that the test only be performed with a bicycle ergometer.
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