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measuring instrument designed to measure power

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The aim of the study is to assess the gender differences in muscle functions using hand-grip dynamometer, Mosso's ergograph, bicycle ergometer, and respiratory endurance in young adults.
The experimental group subjects were allowed to take severe training by the bicycle ergometer unless their calculated maximum HR will be reached.
In 1 hour of tiring bicycle ergometer test performed on triathelets, elevation in GH levels in circulating blood, elevation in GH and IGF levels discharged in urine in bicyclists were accepted as indicator of effects of exercises on somatotrop line.
Keywords: Bicycle ergometer, Sestamibi, Subdiaphragmatic activity, Adenosine, Myocardial perfusion, Scintigraphy, Electrocardiogram.
Participants in intervention group took part in a cycling programme on a bicycle ergometer for 15 minutes 3 times per week with an intensity of 50-60% of maximal heart rate.
Anaerobic power was measured according to the Wingate Test protocol by standard methods suggested in bicycle ergometer adapted for this test (Monark, 894 E, Peak Bike, Sweden).
2] of submaximal eccentric cycle exercise was approximately one-sixth of the same workload on a motorized bicycle ergometer at 50 rpm [28].
At baseline and on the final day of each 3-week-long treatment period, the patients performed a bicycle ergometer maximal cardiopulmonary exercise test with measurement of peak oxygen uptake.
Bicycle ergometer or Treadmill Test are used in the laboratory for these tests [10].
Materials/Methods: Each subject underwent 2 maximal CPETs, administered 24 hours apart, on an electronically braked bicycle ergometer.
Optimal duration of endurance performance on the bicycle ergometer in relation to maximal oxygen uptake.
In the measurement, a five minutes cold pressor test was executed in each subject and also each subject done exercise using a bicycle ergometer in five minutes and walked during 15 minutes.
All participants performed a submaximal bicycle ergometer test during which heart rate and minute ventilation were measured simultaneously at increasing cycling intensity.
All participants underwent an individualized tri-weekly intra-dialytic timed pedal exercise program using a bicycle ergometer for 16 weeks.
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