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a clip worn around a cyclist's ankles that keeps trousers from becoming caught in the bicycle chain


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Trust in politicians is sadly on the wane, but crafty Cameron will no longer be able to claim he is restoring confidence in elected representatives after we've caught him with his bicycle clips off.
Dig out your cycling helmet, put those bicycle clips on and get on your bike this week with S4C.
Fel honno amdano'n troi i fyny i'w chyfarfod mewn gwesty yn Ninbych y Pysgod a'r maitre d' yn ei got bol deryn yn ei chyfarch, 'Some dark-eyed peasant in yellow corduroys and bicycle clips is waiting for you.
And it's not all about driving around at a snail's pace or looking out the bicycle clips.
In comparison, many people said the worst gift-wrapped surprises to open would be handkerchiefs, garden gnomes or bicycle clips.
She was able to grab a lift home with a colleague that evening and the store manager also gave her a bottle of wine and a new set of bicycle clips.
STUNNED policemen were quick on the draw with their bicycle clips - to stop a sack of homeless ferrets running up their trouser legs.
How many individuals have been convicted of using bicycle clips as knuckle-dusters?
Until the council can change 10 months of rain, hail and snow, there's no chance bicycle clips will become an essential part of business dress.
And if Pendleton strikes gold again, she won't be getting back on a bike - for she has decided to hang up her bicycle clips and take a well-earned break before deciding the next step.
After the boxes had been repacked and I made the delivery, I hung up my bicycle clips for good.
We've already been inundated with requests from tenants who can't wait to get their bicycle clips on and get pedalling.
By 1995 I had to concede that a combination of advancing years, a heart condition and a home in Shropshire located 1,000ft above sea level on Titterstone, Clee Hill, the time had come to hang up my bicycle clips, so I did.
THE lure of bicycle clips and stabilisers has proved impossible to resist for 48 daring figures in the racing and bloodstock industries whose legs will today be whirring round at Kempton in the name of charity, writes Lee Mottershead.