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a chain that transmits the power from the pedals to the rear wheel of a bicycle

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Although the gross margin for bicycle chains in Southeast Asia is lower than in other regions, we cannot ignore the bicycle market and its aftersales market in the region.
Solving the issue of broken chains even on-the-go, the KMC chain riveter allows shop mechanics, support crews and riders to easily connect and disconnect all kinds of bicycle chains.
Barca fans hate Ronaldo and Real boss Jose Mourinho so much that many are expecting the most hostile atmosphere since Luis Figo was pelted with coins, cigarette lighters, bicycle chains, mobile phones and a pig's head back in 2002.
The 25th Traidcraft Christmas shop in Newport Road offers a range of recycled products including a briefcase made from a car tyre, picture frames from bicycle chains, ornaments from spark plugs and even a nativity made from magazines.
Both of them started carrying bicycle chains with them to whip whoever made fun of her.
At least once a season, spray garage door chains with Liquid Wrench Chain Lubricant; also great for lubricating bicycle chains and rollerblades.
Gehry's imprimatur -- which is visible in the grooved metal ridges, resembling bicycle chains, that twist up the facade -- will be a strong selling point, said Jim Stuckey, the new dean of NYU's Schack Institute of Real Estate, who worked for Forest City from 1994 to 2007, and did some preliminary planning for the Beekman.
She said: "I had to chain myself to these railings with long bicycle chains, then the crew decided it was time for a break and left me there.
Wielding knives, bicycle chains and hammers, they slashed their way into the crowded bar, among women and children, in what was a pre-meditated attack on anyone in there who happened to be from England.
Surekha and her daughter were dragged, stripped and beaten with sticks and bicycle chains while her sons, one of them blind, were also not spared.
But with the country already tense from months of protests, the violence spilled into surrounding areas as hundreds of young men armed themselves with metal bars, bicycle chains and batons.
Canadian Christian clergy promoted an ecologically responsible lifestyle by conducting a blessing-of-bicycles ritual in which WD-40 oil was dripped on bicycle chains and sunscreen on bicyclists' noses.
Resource Revival's artistic team then comes up with such items as tea light holders made from 10-speed gear clusters and picture frames outlined with cogs or bicycle chains.
They're expected to grow and thrive in cramped growing spaces, tolerate usually poor soil, and survive car door bangs and bicycle chains.